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Acai berries are swiftly becoming a well-liked nutritional and diet supplement. A fruit from Brazil, these berries are full of anti-oxidants. Acai Pure is definitely a natural supplement which is available in capsule form. Acai Pure can be used as colon cleanser as well; it said it can eliminate unwanted fat by reducing the toxins in your body.

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Acai Pure Review

Acai Pure is actually similar to Acai Power Blast, an Acai health supplement produced by the same manufacturer, with the exception that Acai Pure is really a pill, not a powder.

Several buyer complaints are already issued to the producer of the Acai supplements, because of automatic charges charged to consumers’ credit card. On the website, celebs give the opinion that they recommend the product while in fact they might have only praised the advantages of the Acai berry.

Product Features

Garcinia cambogia extract, an ingredient found in traditional Indian medication.

Polyniconate can help to lower cholesterol levels and chromium.

Gymnema sylvestre is an ingredient which has an effect on the tongue’s capability to taste sweet foods, causing our tongue can’t taste sweet. It might lower blood sugar levels too, but just for a brief time period. Many research revealed that gymnema sylvestre may lead to higher blood pressure.

Hawaiian noni is a fruit which has lots of dietary fibre, vitamin C, and also sugars.

Resveratrol supplements might have anti-aging ingredients and could bring healthy cardio. Several sources of resveratrol have a laxative impact and may cause cramp in stomach.

Extract of green tea consists of polyphenols, which can be considered to activate our body’s thermogenic action; this can increase a process of metabolism and might help to get rid of fat. Extract of green tea also consists of caffeine, which usually a diuretic plus a stimulant.

Acai berries can be a way for you to obtain anti-oxidants. It’s believed having advantageous effects on cardio, and could also bring enhanced mood, sleep, and energy. But, Acai has similar amounts of anti-oxidants just like the other kinds of berries.

List of Ingredients:

Acai Pure consists of: polyniconate, extract of Garcinia cambogia, extract of Gymnema sylvestre, extract of Hawaiian noni, extract of green tea, resveratrol extract, and of course extract of acai berry.


  1. The producer provides a trial offer of Acai Pure plus a money-back guarantee in 30 days.
  2. Buyer testimonies are shown on the website.
  3. The significance about exercising and calorie restriction is pointed out, even though no particular program is offered.


  1. The price is not listed on the website
  2. No free reward is actually presented.
  3. The amount and formula of each ingredient isn’t listed.
  4. Some of the ingredients might have unwanted effects.
  5. Buyers on impartial websites report problems cancelling automatic deliveries.
  6. Despite the money-back guarantee, buyers report issues to get refunds for undesirable deliveries.

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