Accelis is a revolutionary doctor-formulated weight-loss supplement containing a scientifically tested and patented weight-loss ingredient in a softgel delivery system.

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Is Accelis Clinically Proven?

The website for Accelis states that their product has been clinically tested and subjects that took Accelis were said to lose up to twice as much as people that took a placebo. Unfortunately, these tests were not conducted on Accelis but rather on the main ingredient, green tea. Accelis is not clinically proven, green tea is.

Is Accelis Guaranteed?

Yes, there is a 30 day guarantee offered on Accelis.

Is Accelis a Good Value?

Accelis retails for a bit less for a thirty day supply. Not a great value.

Accelis Conclusion

Accelis makes some big claims on the website about clinical studies and the power of Accelis but these studies are not backed up and the Accelis formula does not seem to be very strong. There is a 30 day guarantee, but generally 30 days is not enough for somebody to really see results.

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