ApidexTrim focuses on digestive health and even heart health, ideally giving you a more complete overall approach for long term weight loss.

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ApidexTrim Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

You can’t manufacture a product chock full of clinically tested and proven ingredients without rendering it effective in the extreme!

ApidexTrim works immediately (most people lose at least 1 pound their first day), and produces massive amounts of energy! You don’t have to worry about ApidexTrim NOT delivering results.

ApidexTrim Ingredients Quality

Scientists have tested ApidexTrims ingredients on a panel of overweight test subjects, and KNOW they work. Here’s a few of the many ingredients in ApidexTrim.

SatieReal-a patented saffron extract proven to suppress the appetite in 100% of test subjects! That means everyone on the test panel felt less hungry, without exception!

CoQ10-delivered in ApidexTrim in the same clinically proven dose that created an average weight loss in test subjects of 29.7 pounds during a 12-week clinical trial. That’s 29.7 pounds using just this one ingredient!

iGOB Irvingia-new to the weight loss formula, test subjects lost an average of 28.1 pounds in 10 weeks. Phytosome Green Tea-scientists are still finding positive effects of Green Tea; it’s an amazing antioxidant, it promotes thermogenesis and metabolizes fat, and prevents the risk of heart disease, cancer and liver failure.

Chromax-test subjects were found to eat an average of 365 less calories a day using this incredible appetite suppressant! That equates to 38.06 pounds of body fat reduction in one year…without any dietary changes!

1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine (natural caffeine)-clinically proven to increase metabolism by 3%.

ApidexTrim Safety

ApidexTrim is extremely safe, but we must caution you to always consult your physician before taking any diet pill if you have health problems. As stated earlier, consumers sensitive to stimulants complained of jitteriness, nausea and headaches…and you may not want to take this product in the evening or it may cause insomnia.

Most users that stuck it out with ApidexTrim after initially experiencing the above symptoms stated they left after a few days.

ApidexTrim Lasting Results

Any diet pill for women should be used in combination with a healthier eating plan and exercise for optimum results. Although many consumers state they lose weight using ApidexTrim without making any dietary changes, the makers of this product advise you to start eating better and taking control of your health.

ApidexTrim will give you that push to start you losing, and you’ll probably find you’ll make the necessary lifestyle changes all on your own; as you feel and look better, you’ll work harder to maintain it. And ApidexTrim will help you do just that!

ApidexTrim Price

The makers of ApidexTrim offer a 180 day money back guarantee (less shipping and handling), and that’s on one OPENED bottle, as well as any other unopened merchandize! Not all manufacturers will offer a guarantee like that!

What are you still doing reading this review? This is one of the best diet pills for women in the known universe! Get out your plastic and visit their official website.

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