BeachBody makes P90X along with a whole host of different weight loss products. Their main product is the BeachBody Shakeology healthy weight loss shake.

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Do be warned: The Company calls their distributors “coaches” even though many have little to no training in fitness or nutritional coaching which can be seen as an insult to those that actually went to school and dedicated their study to being nutrition and exercise coaches.

The BeachBody “coaches” do seem to be able to coach you to buy a lot of their products and workout videos. Apparently, there are quite a few people that have similar concerns.

BeachBody is all about the workout. If you try this system, be prepared to set aside a good chunk of time to exercise. While that is not a bad thing historically these types of systems don’t work as well for the long run as many cannot maintain a commitment to such a rigorous exercise routine.

What are the ingredients in the BeachBody P90X Healthy Weight Loss System?

Their “Shakeology” is one of the lowest fibre content shakes we have seen and uses whey protein isolate which is typically low quality and not nearly as good for you as non denatured whey protein. For a sweetener, it uses a combination of Fructose and Stevia. The fact that their shake does not have any fake sugar is the reason for getting 3 stars instead of 1 or 2. The shake does include Reishi powder.

The ingredients of the P90X Peak Performance Protein Bar include 26 grams of sugar, 5 different sources of soy, and synthetic vitamins.

What is the BeachBody P90X Healthy Weight Loss System?

Oh look, another “exercise your rear off, eat very little, and take all of our supplements” system. The P90X program requires a considerable amount of energy and time which a lot of people don’t have.

Although it seems that many people are making room in their lives for three months of P90X, I think it’s appropriate to question if they’ll be able to make it a lifelong habit or if it will be like The Biggest Loser where many of the participants regain most of the weight they lost because they didn’t properly instil healthy and sustainable long term habits.

One may also question if a rigorous program like P90X is even a good idea to pursue as a lifelong habit.

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