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Green tea has long been known to produce fantastic health benefits, but one of the most popular of green teas effects is weight loss. A lot of weight loss products have tried to unravel green teas fullest potential for weight loss, but all to no avail.

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If you’re looking for the safest, most effective, green tea weight loss supplement, choose Cho-Yung tea, one of today’s hottest Internet sensations.

Try reading Cho-Yung tea reviews 2011 online, and you’ll discover how incredibly efficient this weight loss tea is in burning fat. The secret of Cho-Yung tea is in its strict manufacturing process.

Here’s what sets Cho-Yung tea apart from other weight loss teas in the market.

According to Cho-Yung tea reviews 2011, Cho-Yung tea is created with quality in mind. Farmers carefully pick leaves from famous Camilla Sinensis tea bush and then dry them under the sun. After the leaves have been fully dried, they are then exposed to high levels of heat to stop the oxidation process, a process that could spoil the tea and lessen its effectiveness.

The leaves then go through a very special fermentation process and then mixed with potent plants and herbs that does exceptionally well in supporting organs, purifying body cells, and flushing out toxins.

In effect, Cho-Yung tea is far more than just the weight loss supplement that people think it is. It is a tea that contains a myriad of health benefits, and contributes to the body’s well being.

According to Cho-Yung tea reviews 2011, the tea produces only one side effect: the loosening of the bowels. This effect is very normal, for the tea breaks down solid fat and flushes it away through the excretory system.

The faecal side effect should go away after about two weeks of using the product. If you’re looking for a good weight loss aid to go along with your diet and your work out, stick with the best diet tea 2011. Cho-Yung is a perfect choice.

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