The CleanseSmart is a great cleanse product that works exactly as expected. You won’t find any unique or strange systems with this product. You won’t be expected to fast, nor will you be expected to use it indefinitely. The simplicity of this product gives it a charm that many of the supplements in this space are entirely lacking.

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Product description

It’s simple: Take two capsules per day with 8oz of water. That’s all that is to it. You don’t have to mix powders with juices, fast a few days before you start taking it, or any of that stuff.

If you’re tired of the colon cleanse “systems” that introduce a whole bunch of extra steps to the process, then this is the right product for you. Cleanse Smart is really charming in its simplicity.


You’ll find the usual suspects, but a couple of surprise visitors here: artichoke leaf, ashwagandha root, beet leaf, bupleurum root, burdock root, celandine leaf, chlorella, corn silk, dandelion root, hawthorn berry, larch arabinogalactan gum, milke thistle seed, mullein leaf, red clover leaf and stem, turmeric root.

We are pretty sure that the big effects of this product come from the ashwagandha root, but until it starts appearing in other cleanse products, there really is no way to be absolutely sure.

Pros & Cons

This product provides you with a simple to use process that should enable you to implement the cleansing supplement into your daily vitamin routine.

If you aren’t able to get yourself up and running with this supplement, then no supplement will ever do the trick! Consider the fact that you are only required to take the capsule with a glass of water and you will understand its simplicity.

We could find no negative aspects of using this cleanser.

Safety / Side Effects

What else is new? You are going to experience some vomiting; diarrhoea, cramps, and a mucus build up around the anus. But don’t worry – these are normal effects and should go away within a few days of first use. Contact the physician if they don’t.

Retail Price / Special Offer

The retail price of this product is very affordable. There really is no need for steep discounts, or even that dollar off.

Customer Satisfaction

There were no negative reviews found online, but there were also no overwhelmingly positive reviews. The few that we could find indicated that the product works as expected. We couldn’t have been less surprised.

The lack of extremely positive testimonials shows that there is no paid testimonial information floating around the web for this product, which tells us that these folks have some ethics when it comes to marketing.

If you want a simple product that just plain works without breaking the bank, this is it. CleanseSmart is likely to end up in our top five next year.

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