ColoDetox XR

ColoDetox XR gives lot of promise as a colon cleanser, yet falls short on providing necessary information, making it not the best colon cleanser in our colon cleanser reviews.

Many colon cleanser reviews of this product gives it a 50/50 passing rate being a good product overall. Check out the truth about ColoDetox XR below.

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Its Effectiveness

ColoDetox XR is marketed not only to be a colon cleanser but also a supplement that can simply do all.

It promises to be a cleanser, an immune booster, weight loss and body building product as well as an energy and stamina booster.

We can see how the product works as a colon cleanser. It boasts to use all-natural products like peppermint leaf, slippery elm bark, flax seed, cascada sagrada, aloe, rhubarb root, and marshmallow root. All of these ingredients naturally produce good bowel movements making the product’s claims of being good colon cleanser valid.

Weight loss comes naturally once you push out the gunk from your colon. So you are sure to lose weight if you cleanse your colon effectively. However, we have no idea how body building works with the cleanser. Unfortunately you don’t have enough information on its ingredients.

Difficulties with the Product

The lack of information from the manufacturer’s part makes ColoDetox XR a doubtful product overall.

This concerns physicians. They cannot confirm to their patients if ColoDetox XR is safe to use as a supplement. We found another difficulty; there is no access to the valid website for the product. During our colon cleanser reviews, we can neither order the product nor find more information about it. Likely, the manufacturer’s website is down.

In conclusion, we have to say this issue doesn’t give us an easy feeling. We recommend you leave this product alone.

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