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Colon Cleanse Diet

Colon Cleanse Diet

Advance 4-steps Colon Cleansing Diet

You could not start unless you have guidelines. An advance 4-step colon cleansing diet is very ideal for beginners. Colon cleansing diet starts from your desire to be healthy. You could only achieve it through tips and steps that will guide you through. To help you get ideas, we are presenting four steps you will easily remember. They are convenient to form part of the detoxification process. Here are the things you should remember for each step.

First Step: Clean Eating

This particular step has several stages. It varies from day to day. You have to follow what is recommended to be able to achieve the results you want. ere is what is in store for you: • From day 1 to 14. You should avoid eating foods that will only add to the wastes that had build-up in your intestinal tract for a long time. It is a good starting point for you if you will eliminate eating processed and junk foods. Stop drinking fluids that contain caffeine and other artificial flavourings.

During the first seven days of the process, you will experience a lot of discomfort. By the time your body have adjusted to the new diet that you are taking-in, you will feel much better. The symptoms of your withdrawal from the harmful substances you have take-in for years will already subside. When you are already feeling much better, you can go on to the next stage of the food cleansing process.

• From day 15 to 21. You can start removing foods that your body does not need. You should avoid eating foods that may cause allergies or those which you could not tolerate.

After you have completed the 21 days of avoiding foods that are not good to your body, you will realize that you are already used to your new diet program. You may go back to your regular diet. However, make sure that you will not completely forget your colon cleansing regimen.

Second Step: Fluid Intake

Drinking a lot of water during the detoxification process will help in flushing out the toxins from your system. If you are not drinking sufficient amount of water, it may cause constipation and other internal organ problems. It is very important that you should drink water that is purified or reverse osmosis water. Fluid intake is very vital during the cleansing process to prevent dehydration.

Third Step: Incorporate Fibre

During cleansing and detoxification, fibre is a very important agent in order to help you in the process. You should eat foods that are rich in fibre so that your bowel elimination will be easier. Just like water, it is also useful in flushing out the toxins and wastes that had build-up in your system. There are kinds of fibre that are considered very helpful during detoxification. These fibres have different functions during the cleansing process.

Fourth and Final Step: Multivitamins, Probiotics, and Colon and Liver Support.

It is necessary that when you are on a cleansing process, you should take-in supplements that will support your whole body system’s function. This will help you prevent any discomfort. Multivitamins, probiotics and other support for your colon and liver are always necessary.

Following the above steps is easier than suffering the colon problem for the rest of your life. Just be very patient as you may experience some differences in your lives. With all these things, you could achieve your goal of adapting a healthy lifestyle.

Colon Cleansing Diet Information And Resources

Most people overlook the colon cleansing diet because they think it is overly restrictive and unhealthy. What they don’t realize is that there are actually many different cleansing diets out there, and some are extremely healthy and easy to follow for long term. If you have considered using this type of diet to cleanse your body or even to jump start your weight loss efforts, consider just three of the huge benefits you can get from following a colon cleansing diet.

#1: Reduced Risk of Cancer

There has been a link proven between toxic waste matter that gets stuck inside the colon over time and certain forms of cancer. Most people are completely unaware of this connection and simply think eliminating the waste in their colon is an issue of feeling lighter. It is true that cleaning out the colon will lead to a lighter, healthier feel in the body, but preventing cancer is an even better reason to do it.

A good colon cleansing diet will clean out that toxic waste and prevent it from collecting to dangerous levels in the future. This will give your body a fighting chance at avoiding some of the most deadly forms of cancer.

#2: Restorative Action for the Colon

Something else that most people do not know is that our colons are overworked today. Just as all of us are overworked and overstressed, our colons are crying out for a Sunday on the couch as well. This is because we eat a lot more food today than our bodies are equipped to handle.

You know you are eating more food than necessary when your skinny jeans no longer button, but you never think about the effects those eating patterns have on the colon. With time, the colon gets worn down and stops functioning properly. Since its main job is to sort out dangerous toxins from our food, that is bad news for your body!

When you use a colon cleansing diet you essentially give your colon that day off. It is able to stop working so hard and rejuvenate so it begins to work more efficiently in the future.

#3: Weight Loss

You can’t expect to go on a colon cleanse diet every other week while pigging out on the off weeks and drop tons of weight. People who tell you that this type of diet will make you skinny overnight or that you can go on and off of it and eat whatever you want in between without sacrificing your health are simply lying to you.

The weight loss that comes from using this type of diet is a direct result of ridding the body of toxic waste matter that is being stored in the colon. That means you are likely to see a considerable drop in weight when you first go on the diet, but as the body rids itself of years of waste the weight loss will slow down. This is a healthy occurrence and you will feel lighter and more energetic to continue with your weight loss goals afterward.

You know dropping the excess weight is the best thing you can do for your health. This benefit alone will help you avoid heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other serious health problems.

Several Things You Need In Your Diet

There are food recipes that are recommended when you are undergoing the colon cleansing process. These foods will help in flushing out all the accumulated wastes, harmful toxins, and chemicals from your colon. Learn how you could adapt them for a healthier lifestyle.

One of the best alternative recipes you can make when you are on the process is to incorporate vegetables, fruits, and grains that are rich in fibre. This group of foods can help in cleansing your colon. You might wonder what other things you could have for the procedure.

Colon cleansing diet recipes

Making your own recipe is helpful and healthy as well. You have to make things on your own to assure that what you are taking in is safe. The following recipes are good enough to start your quest against the colon problem:

1. Flaxseed. 

This is very rich in fibre and also a great source of omega 3 oil. You can mill the seeds and use it as a good substitute for your oatmeal.

2. Epsom salt. 

You can mix 1 teaspoon of this salt to 20 ounces of water and use it as your usual drink. Beware not to drink this solution when you have an outdoor activity because it can lead to frequent bowel movement.

3. Homemade soups. 

Soup can help in flushing out toxins from your colon. The soup is a mixture of stuffs that are useful in maintaining your digestive tracts functions

Master cleanse diet

It is considered a good detoxifying program that can help in getting rid of the waste materials that had build-up in your colon. Master cleanse is composed of a mixture of fresh lemon juice, grade b maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper. You must take-in this mixture at a room temperature level for a period of ten days only.

You are advised to take-in this mixture with caution because it may result to constipation due to the fact that there is no solid food intake involved. If constipation happens, laxative tea is recommended at night. In the morning, you can take-in a quick gulp of 32 ounces of lukewarm water that is diluted with a small amount of sea salt. This is considered as a moderate substitute for enema.

After taking-in the master cleanse diet, you can start drinking fruit or vegetable juice for a day or two, then gradually incorporate soup, fruits, vegetables, and nuts until such time that you can resume to your regular diet.

Other facts about colon cleansing recipes Fluid intake are also essential in the procedure. Of course, water should always be present. A good alternative are fluids extracted from apple mixed with spring water. Add into the mixture a tablespoon of clay liquid together with psyllium husk seeds and colo fibre. Thicken your mixture and it is ready to drink.

This drink is best followed by a drink made with honey and spring water. The second drink is easier to make, as it only comprises of spring water, honey, and apple cider vinegar. It is guaranteed to be rich in health benefits. Your colon cleansing recipes will only be completed by proper fluid intake.

Diet Energy

Dieting is the most popular method of weight loss. Successful weight loss management plan requires the input of energy to be less than energy output. In other words, you have to take fewer calories than you use in your daily activities. There are two important strategies to achieve a negative calorie intake: reduce energy input (diet, BARIATRIC surgery, appetite suppressants) or increasing energy output (exercises or non-exercise movements).

How many calories you need to cut?

There are major differences in the various diets, which vary depending on their calorie reduction capabilities. The recommended safe, but effective at the same time, the energy deficit is 500 kcal / day. In other words, you need to take 500 kcal less than you spend. Reduce your calorie intake with 500 kcal daily leads to weight loss of pounds a week.

Some diets are designed to keep even larger energy deficit – around 1000-1200 kcal daily. How much low calorie diets are not suitable for everyone, they are harder to follow, have little lasting effect, and can be very dangerous in the long term. So if you start a diet, be sure not to choose a very low calorie level.

Which diet is best?

Numerous diets and diet plans been advocated, but the studies had no advantage over another. The comparison between Atkins (low carbohydrate diet), Zone (high protein low carbohydrate), Ornish (very low fat) and Weight Watchers no significant difference has been found in waterways loss of 1 year. But it seems that low carbohydrate diets had the advantage to achieve greater weight loss at 3 months (but again the result was the same as the others at 1 year).

This seems to show that any diet plan you choose, can be effective if you are able to sustain it.

Reduction of fat

Restraint low fat in the diet is another strategy for successful weight loss plan. Typical American diet consists of around 37-40% fat. In fat diet fats consist 25% of energy intake. This is achieved by the increased quantity of fruit and vegetables in the menu and chooses foods that are low in fat (low fat alternatives). Reduction fat, without reducing calorie intake will not lead to weight loss.

Low fat diet has other health benefits besides weight loss – the lower LDL cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (ischemic heart disease, hypertension, and atherosclerosis).

Filling, but not fattening foods

This is another diet method which can be a great success for long-term weight loss. The main goal here is to reduce the energy density of food. Energy density is defined as the calories in food. Fats have a high energy density, while fruit and vegetables are low energy density foods. In example one pound carrots (Low energy density) has the same amount of calories as an ounce of peanuts (high energy density). While low energy density foods are bulky – they create a feeling of fullness.

According to some studies to reduce the energy density of foods with 25% lead to 20% reduction in caloric intake. In a typical diet, which is about 2500 kcal, mean exactly 500 kcal reductions. What makes this approach easier to follow is the fact that the portion size is not reduced, and you do not suffer from the worst side effect of a diet – hunger.

This dieting method usually is naturally matched with low-fat diet regimens, and also has its health benefits. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and micro-elements fibre and antioxidants.

What to expect when you follow a diet?

One of the main problems arising with each dietary method and can prevent its effectiveness, is the hunger. One way to overcome food cravings is the use of drugs – appetite suppressants. Their use as a diet aid has been shown to improve both the long-term results (greater weight loss compared to diets without the help of appetite suppressant resources), and the success of dieting. Compared with other methods to curb cravings of appetite suppressants has proved far greater efficiency.

In summary, the long-term weight loss is best achieved by reducing calorie intake. Whichever method to choose, it is entirely based on your preferences.

Diet for Colon Health – Five Types to Choose From

Health plus colon cleanse is equivalent to the best in colon health. If you will be able to look intently in your diet, everything else will work out as you planned it to be. Boost your body’s energy, increase your metabolism and feel a whole lot better through diets for colon health.

Maintaining the health of your colon will not only require the best digestive care but also an extremely healthy diet. In order to sustain colon health certain kinds of diet are needed and these diets basically are very easy to follow. The following are five kinds of regimen that you need for your colon health.

Colon Health Diet # 1 – “Raw Food Regimen”

The uncooked food regimen made a mark in Australia. This caused amazing results to the physical condition and weight loss endeavours of a lot of diet and health buff individuals. You may ask why you need to have a diet of raw foods. Here’s the answer.

The most popular reason is that cooked foods no longer give you the majority of vitamins and minerals needed by your body. Nearly all are damaged during the cooking process. This is where the essence of raw food becomes a consideration in the colon cleansing process.

Another reason for you to enjoy eating raw food is that cooked food will ultimately damage the coordination of your body. Coordination of the entire system actually begins from your colon. In the end, this results to illnesses and even untimely death due to the damage that was done to your internal organs. In fact, studies showed that majority of the illnesses of people like cancer, diabetes and heart ailments, is attributed to the intake of cooked food.

Colon Health Diet # 2 – Separation Diet

This kind of diet for colon health is considered as a complementary regimen. This means that obese individuals will have the probability of reducing their weight while skinny individuals will increase their weight. However, this type of diet will only be effective if your will continue to remain on the regimen. Here are some principles behind this colon cleanse regimen: First, you must consume protein foods separately from carbohydrate foods. This is to make digestion better. Protein-rich food can be easily digested if it is consumed alone. The same thing happens with carbohydrates.

You must not consume acid and alkaline forming foods. These may lead to the conversion of chemicals in your small intestines. This is heightened most especially if combined with carbohydrates.

Colon Health Diet # 3 – Elimination/Rotation Diet

This kind of diet begins by consuming one or two kinds of food during one specific mealtime. For instance during the initial week, you can try to stay away from wheat and milk. This will be helpful if your stomach cannot tolerate these kinds of foods.

The key factor to this type of diet is to consume foods that will not cause any reaction in your body. In the process of the diet, you may also eliminate those that will cause any unfavourable outcome. This is quite a cycle and an elimination process all rolled into one.

Colon Health Diet # 4 – Gluten-Free Diet

This kind of diet is necessary for individuals suffering celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis. This is a kind of disease which is acquired due to the sensitivity of your skin to foods containing gluten. You must remember though that gluten-free diet is different from wheat-free diet.

Additionally, you must take note that there are also gluten-free foods which are not free from wheat. It is not yet known why gluten damages your gut. You must take additional effort to be careful and to make sure that your regimen is nutritionally sufficient.

Colon Health Diet # 5 – Candida Diet

The main goal of Candida diet is to eradicate all resources of yeast, fungus and bacteria. In this diet, you should avoid consuming foods that are rich in sugar and sodium. When you stick to sugar and salt, the tendency is you will only invite the increase of these harmful organisms in your body.

These five diets are just few of the many ways you may maintain colon health. There are diets that may fit you while there are those that may not. So you better be careful about making your decision as to which colon heath diet to choose.

Is It Wise to Use Colon Cleanse Diet?

Many people wish to have a cleansed colon through changing their diet plan. This is not like the other colon cleansing forms; consuming a colon cleanses diet means that getting your colon clean and keeping it clean throughout the time. Also, when someone decides to go for a diet in order to achieve colon cleansing that diet is high on whole grains, vegetables, and fruits that means that you will be getting a lot of fibre, vitamins, proteins, etc that will help in benefiting your overall health in several other ways too.

Purified or filtered water is the very first consideration in a colon cleansing diet; drink a lot of it. Your body needs to stay hydrated and this way the waste material will be more effectively flushed out of the body. Drinking a lot of water also helps you stay away from constipation.

Several experts prefer that an individual should not drink any less than 8 glasses of water each day. Moving on, a diet that is full of fibre is necessary in order to achieve colon cleansing; this makes sure that the waste material moves appropriately. Today, what we eat in our daily lives is usually processed and fried stuff that has no fibre in it; no wonder why so many people carry a blocked or slow colon. You need to consume a lot of whole grain breads, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and all kinds of fruits.

The foods that carry a lot of chlorophyll are very essential when it is about a colon cleanse diet. Chlorophyll is something that ensures a perfect digestive system and if your digestive system is damaged; it will help in recovering it. Wheat grass, barley, and alfalfa are some foods that are high on chlorophyll.

Foods that you need to avoid at all costs when going for a colon cleanse diet include ready to cook meals that are pre-packed, fast food, junk foods like candy or potato chips, and sodas. Also, if you really do want a cleansed colon through your dietary, give up smoking and avoid consuming alcoholic drinks as much as possible.

Changing the way you eat and what you eat is the only permanent way to achieve a clean colon for the rest of your life that will ensure that you stay away from the risks of numerous dangerous diseases. It is very wise to consume a colon cleanse diet without a doubt.

Juice Cleansing Diet – Your Way to a Healthy Life

Juice cleansing diet is one of the most natural ways of cleansing one’s body. Plenty of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants are found in raw vegetables and fruits. Hence, the juices from these natural sources aid not only in detoxifying the body from toxins but they also help in the healing process and strengthening of the immune system. Juice diet can be the first step in having a healthy lifestyle.

Juice Cleansing Diet

Just like any diet forms, juice cleansing diet should be coupled with perseverance and determination. Discipline also matters in this particular instance. You should make sure that you possess all these traits before you get into the diet. Later on, you will find out more about the steps to undertake. Additional instructions are also given at the end of this article.

Steps in Juice Cleansing

There are a few steps to consider when you plan on undergoing a juice cleansing diet. Although, it is not imperative, knowing these steps is beneficial in making the transition easier and more effective. They can also be helpful in preparing the body in adjusting to the change in your diet.

Step 1: Before submitting yourself to the juice cleansing diet, it is best to include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in your meal. You should do this several days before undergoing the actual diet. Once you have done this, it will be easier for the body to adapt when shifting to the juice only diet.

Step 2: The suggested quantity of juice intake per day is 32 to 64 ounces of freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetable juice. Alongside with this, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water. Water is very important to rinse out toxins that have accumulated in the body.

The juice can also be diluted with water if you wish to do so. When doing the juice cleansing diet, you must keep yourself from eating solid food. Additionally, drinking other beverages such as tea, coffee and soda should also be refrained from.

Step 3: Since juice cleansing diet does not provide enough fibre, you are advised to take a supplement that can aid your colon in shutting out toxins from your body. You can drink laxative tea at night as it aids in moving during the next day. Other effective substances to flush out toxins are Psyllium husk and Bentonite clay. It is best to consult your specialist before taking in any of this supplementary drinks.

Step 4: If you decide to go back to a normal diet after several days or weeks of strict juice cleansing diet, it is best to start taking in raw fruits and vegetables. The most advisable solid food to take in is raw salad. You can gradually eat steamed vegetables also. Always be reminded not to shift back instantly to junk foods.

Additional Instructions Regarding Juice Cleansing

The success of the four steps mentioned above will not be attainable unless you possess the right character in the process. Of course, you must also follow instructions given by your nutritionists and your doctors. Here are other things to look into.

There are some methods to consider when having the juice cleansing diet. The first thing that you should remember is to drink only freshly squeezed juice from vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can even combine assorted ingredients into the mixture.

It is good to have a variety of juices since they differ in the nutrients they provide for your body. Those who do not have a juicer at home can buy in a juice bar or go to a local health supermarket. Make sure that the juicer squeezes the nutrients out of the fruit or vegetable.

One Last Tip – Create Your Own Mixture for the Juice Cleansing Diet

Most people who have discovered this type of colon cleansing diet ahead of you have experimented on fruit and vegetable mixtures. You may mix carrots and broccoli with pineapple or mango. Just make sure you can withstand the taste of the mixture you make.

Juice cleansing diet is indeed a safe and effective way of detoxifying your body. The process does not require a lot of energy for digestion. As a result, you will feel more revitalized and energetic just a few days after undergoing this diet cleansing process. In fact, your colon will thank you for striving to cleanse it.

Recommended Every day Food list for a Colon Cleanse Diet

During the last decade in part of the common population there has been an expanding movement in which individuals have embraced “all-natural” ways to help them to stop sickness plus lessen the risk of health problems happening. A good way that this has been achieved is via the adoption of a colon cleanse diet.

A colon cleanse diet does not need to be challenging or even torturous, though several individuals do experience a fasting and cleansing phase, which could often be slightly arduous, this isn’t required if the goal is to embrace a much healthier eating habits from that point onwards.

It’s a all-natural state for our colon to be clean of build up – there’s no physical cause exactly why any of the foodstuff we eat, after digested don’t get removed easily and also by natural means – Nonetheless, this isn’t the case for large number of men and women.

Diet plans that are loaded with excessive fat, include many red meat or maybe highly processed meats, contain a large percentage of refined foodstuff, and contain little soluble fibre are the majority among big bodies of the population.

After a accumulation takes place in the colon, the body will probably be able to get rid of the waste matter, nevertheless, if this particular build-up is allowed to progress, frequently because of bad diet as well as inactivity, that can cause a position where the colon becomes narrower, which may cause constipation. This may likewise reduce the power for the colon to absorb nutrients from the foods.

This kind of environment is the ideal breeding ground for parasites, “unfriendly” bacteria and also can motivate yeast over growing.

To start with, you should know what you have to avoid in your diet to boost colon wellness.

Don’t be put off by the list, it might appear that this is a list of all the foods you like, however we’ll come to the foods that are fine to include in a Candida diet regime soon.

Foods to restrict/ avoid include:

  • Black tea plus coffee
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Sugar laden cookies, potato chips and other debris foods
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Food items from fast food joints
  • Fatty foodstuff
  • Avoid smoking

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