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Colon Hydrotherapy Benefits

Colon Hydrotherapy Benefits

All You Need To Know About Colon Cleanse Hydrotherapy

Keeping your colon clean is of extreme importance if you want to be healthy. You can try the cleansing process at home or take medical assistance. The most popular medical procedure of colon cleansing is hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is a very popular procedure in alternative medicine but do you know what it exactly is? Colon cleansing hydrotherapy or Colonic is a procedure where warm water is passed into your colon via your rectum. This will stimulate your bowel movement. The best thing about colon cleanse hydrotherapy is no drugs or chemicals are used. This makes the procedure relatively safer.

It is also known as Colonic Irrigation and takes around 45 minutes to be completed. It has a soothing, relaxing and restorative effect. Many people swear by this procedure and if none of the cleansing supplements are working for you, you can try this.

Know the basics

Before you go for colon cleansing hydrotherapy it is essential you know its basics. The process is based on the principle of autointoxication. Now, what is that? Well, it a quite an ancient theory that believes the toxins accumulated in your intestine can poison your body. You also need to know that there are many who are sceptic about colon cleanse hydrotherapy and tried to reverse the trend. This was more prominently noticed when the medical experts started placing their trust on drugs and when there was a political hoopla against the hydrotherapy practitioners. Moreover, it was said there is no evidence to support the efficacy of this therapy.


The procedure of colon cleanse hydrotherapy is actually quite simple. You will be made to lie on a table. However, you will need to make sure your body and mind are completely relaxed. A tiny disposable speculum will be inserted in your rectum and then around 30 gallons of warm water will be made to move to and fro in your colon. One colon cleansing hydrotherapy means around 30 regular bowel movements. The entire procedure will take a maximum of 45 minutes. At times, certain herbal implants, grass extracts or enzymes may be used to further soften the process.

The Complications

However, the colon cleanse hydrotherapy is not without a bit of complication. You need to understand that the process is invasive and you should always take the help of a trained practitioner. The most common complication of colon cleansing hydrotherapy is colon perforation. The perforation may be mechanical when the tip of the insertion tip gets damaged or overpressure damages the walls of your colon. Other side effects include imbalance in the level of electrolyte and infection from unclean instruments.

Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

One of the best considered colon cleansing procedures is known as colon hydrotherapy. The enema hydrotherapy procedure is regarded as one of the pioneers in this technique. It is associated to the current colonic irrigation which uses high-tech devices. You may separate traditional from modern colon hydrotherapy equipment through this article.

Here’s a quick glance at colon hydrotherapy history.

During the early part of the 19th century, majority of the members of the medical society normally used enemas. This is together with other forms of treatment to help an individual maintain and regain his health. As of the present, colonic irrigation is in use as additional medication to the traditional hydrotherapy methods. This procedure is performed by certified colon hydro therapists as a form of initial treatment for the condition of your colon.

More on Traditional Colon Hydrotherapy Techniques known as Enemas

Enemas were the usual colon cleansing your ancestors and parents used. These are said to have minimal benefits when it comes to colon cleansing. The advantages are minimal when treating lower bowel and even the complete segment of the colon. This is because the water that is injected cannot fully transport its purification assistance to the sigmoid colon area.

The result of enemas is very poor because it cannot flush out all the unnecessary toxins from your large intestines. It will only tone down the stool in the area of your colon. Enemas cannot obtain the health benefits that modern colon hydrotherapy can give. It needs the aid of supplemental medical remedy such as laxatives, drug medications and even surgery just to fix up the health of the colon.

Modern Colon Hydrotherapy versus Enema

Because of the disadvantages seen in the use of enemas, more modern techniques for colon cleansing was introduced in the market. These are collectively known as colon hydrotherapy modern techniques. Here’s the reason why you should choose them over enemas.

Colon hydrotherapy has the ability to remove ensnared faecal material over the sigmoid colon region. It also helps in releasing the bad bacteria and Candida yeast in your system. Moreover, it has the capacity to support the potent and instinctive bacterial flora. It aids in the repair of your normal peristaltic muscle movement and it has the ability to eradicate the thriving of parasites in your intestines.

Benefits of High-Tech Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

The use of modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is very popular nowadays. These sets of equipment can easily work for doctors, colon hydro therapists and even private citizens. As private individuals, you can buy modern home hydrotherapy equipment for their own consumption in the home. These can help efficiently in treating your digestive dilemma. They particularly lessen your burdens on constipation.

Among a list of benefits to consider when using these high-tech colon cleanse gadgets are:

Benefit # 1:

Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment has the ability to precisely gauge and transport sufficient but managed warmth of water during treatment. This means that it efficiently treats almost all the whole segment of your colon.

Benefit # 2:

It can maintain controlled and secure insertion force to allow cleansing water to get through the farthest point of your colon. The force of the water which can be below 3 psi has the capacity to tenderly enlarge the creases of the colon section. This in turn aids in discharging the trapped faecal material in your colon which may have thrived in there over the years.

Benefit # 3:

It contains protection qualities that meet the standards of the industry. This means that these modern sets of equipment can eradicate the risk of putting too much force while you do your bowel movement each day.

There are still a number of benefits you can obtain from modern colon hydrotherapy equipment. These will ensure you of a safer use. In the end, not only your colon will thank you for using these gadgets. Even your entire digestive system will gratify you for working with this equipment. Just make sure you buy a quality device.

Colon Hydrotherapy Medical Purposes

Colon hydrotherapy is considered as one of the most essential remedies that can be utilized for various physical conditions. It is said that a lot of health problems starts at the colon. With this being so, you should maintain its health. This is if you do not want to suffer grave illnesses brought by an unhealthy one.

The good thing about colon hydrotherapy is the fact that it specifically functions not only for cleansing the colon. It has medical purposes that will surely help you cope with other bodily ailments. In this particular page, you will see colon hydrotherapy medical purposes in ailments such as constipation, arthritis and cancer.

Constipation and Colon Hydrotherapy

One of the main signs for you to undergo colon hydrotherapy is constipation. Once you have considered this technique in how to cleanse your colon, you will definitely derive its benefits. Your colon hydro therapist will take charge of the procedure. This is to assure that toxins and faecal matters will be flushed out of your system efficiently. Remember that constipation results from the build-up of toxic matters as well as the unhealthy lifestyle you have through the years.

Colon hydrotherapy will not only give you the benefit of regular bowel movement but it will also eliminate all the other health problems that occur if your colon is loaded with garbage. Once you opt for the colon cleansing technique for constipation purpose, some types of skin problems like psoriasis, acne, eczema and others will also benefit through it. All these skin problems will manifest if your colon is not healthy.

There are no amounts of drugs that can remedy your skin problem if your colon is clogged. Vitamin A which is very important for the health of your skin has no effect if you will not undergo colon hydrotherapy. Vitamin A will only be efficiently sucked up in your intestinal area if your colon is thoroughly rinsed out.

If you are not having regular bowel movement or you do not eliminate at least twice a day, all the faecal materials that remains in your colon will turn into a polluted outcome. This can be toxic to your bloodstream. The real solution is colon hydrotherapy.

Arthritis and Colon Hydrotherapy

It is regarded that individuals with arthritis can be remedied through a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. Since individuals with arthritis experience some kind of internal toxaemia, this colon cleanse program or therapy is advised. This is for toxins to be eliminated from your system.

The technique is also helpful in eliminating not only the faecal matters that you have now but those that you have already had for so many years. When this type of internal toxaemia is eradicated, the symptoms suffered by individuals due to arthritis will be alleviated.

Cancer and Colon Hydrotherapy

Cancer patients can also get benefits through colon hydrotherapy. It is a fact that individuals with cancer have great predicament in splitting up and absorbing proteins in their system. Their systems are also deprived of the important vitamins, minerals and potent fatty acids that they need to sustain their health.

Aside from those first mentioned, they also experience different kinds of digestive systems disorders. Here is where the role of colon hydrotherapy comes in. It is considered as one of the many remedies for cancer patients who want to boost their capacities to soak up all the important macro and micro-nutrients needed by their body. Additionally, colon hydrotherapy for cancer patients will be able to eradicate all the internal toxins which make the patient a lot weaker.

Colonic irrigation techniques like colon hydrotherapy must only be given to cancer patients with the approval and thorough supervision of their attending physician. This is not advisable for individuals with tumour in the rectum or large intestine, and to individuals whose intestinal areas are highly acidic. The rule of thumb is to go to the doctor first before seeking any treatment.

Colon Hydrotherapy Process

The colonic irrigation which utilizes colon hydrotherapy remedy requires the secure and mild combination of water inside your colon. This water eventually passes through your rectum. The complete treatment is considered efficient and comforting because it does not include any forms of drugs and chemicals. But before you jump for joy, it pays to know what to expect in the entire procedure.

Explaining your expectations on how to cleanse your colon through hydrotherapy may be subdivided into two. First, you should know what is in store for you during the procedure. Second, you must learn how to deal with the process after treatment proper. Here is an explanation on both sides of the coin.

Colon Hydrotherapy Process – The Procedures behind It

The colon hydrotherapy process is divided into five sections. Each has an important role to play in the success of the sessions. Here are the five things you should take note of:

1. General Idea on the Procedure.

All throughout the treatment you will be required to lie on custom treatment table. The hydrotherapist will ensure that you are at your most comfortable position. The tiny disposable device that is attached to the colon hydrotherapy device will be mildly popped in through your rectum wherein the clean water will go to the colon.

2. Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment.

The high-tech colon hydrotherapy equipment used requires various facets of filtering the water. These ones are disposable to ensure that the next individual getting the treatment will not be infected. The equipment also contains a tightly closed container that will carry the waste devoid of foul smell making sure that the self-esteem of the patient is not compromised.

3. Your Colon Hydrotherapist.

The well-trained colon hydrotherapist will have quite a few fills and discharges of water. The expert will also perform some gentle massage methods to remove as much of the accumulated toxins and waste matter inside the mass of your colon. The faecal materials removed will then be mildly flushed out by the system’s thrash discarding hose.

4. Treatment or Proper Procedure.

All throughout the treatment, the hydrotherapist will continue to keep an eye on the temperature and force of the water. He can change this from time to time to accelerate muscular contraction in your colon to aid. Doing so will make it more active to dislodge the toxins.

5. Therapy Sessions.

The colon hydrotherapy session will last for 45 minutes to one hour. You will be required to undergo at least three sessions to acquire the optimal result of colon cleansing. These required sessions will make sure that all the faecal matters and toxins that accumulated in your colon over the years will be flushed out.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

The colon hydrotherapy treatment can ensure you of a strengthened muscular contraction in your colon and the restoration of its regular task. Through colon hydrotherapy, you are assured that your large intestine is properly cleansed which will result to a healthier you. Remember, that you need to sustain your physical condition after the treatment. In this regard, it is best to look into what you should do after the treatment.

Post Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Following the first session of colon hydrotherapy, your hydrotherapist will evaluate you if there is still a need for further treatment. But most probably, he will advise you to undergo the treatment for two more sessions to make sure that everything is flushed out and to maintain the advantages from the therapy. The next session is usually due in the next three to six months after the first session. Your colon hydrotherapist may recommend the most sensible timetable for you. This will depend on your special physical condition level.

How do you feel after knowing what to expect during and after the colon hydrotherapy procedure? Perhaps, you feel enlightened about it. If you are feeling some distresses in your colon, now is the time to run to your doctor and ask if this colon cleanse procedure will be of help.

Colon Toxicity and Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon toxicity makes you face a lot of risks. This is the reason why you need to know how to cleanse your colon in different techniques. One way to do to eliminate toxicity side effects is through colon hydrotherapy. Gladly, there are a lot of illnesses solved once you opt for this technique.

This brings us back to a famous saying: Maintaining your overall physical condition means sustaining the health of your colon. If your colon is unhealthy, there is a great possibility that you will suffer a lot of health problems because your body will become the propagation ground for illnesses. The accumulated wastes in your colon will result to colon toxicity which can cause a lot of health problems and which may be your sign to undergo colon hydrotherapy treatment.

Health Problems Associated to Colon Toxicity

Looking back to the preceding paragraph, colon toxicity or colon problems are signs that you should undergo colon therapy. There are many signs to look into. The foregoing presents a list of these health problems.

Constipation: This is the most common sign of colon toxicity. You will experience a lot of discomfort not only in moving out your bowel but also some types of digestive organ troubles.

Backaches: This is also one of the signs that you must consider in undergoing colon hydrotherapy. A simple backache, when rejected may lead to more serious health problems.

Diarrhoea: This is another kind of health problem that is associated to colon toxicity. This is not really a disease but just a symptom of a disease itself. It may be due to a wide variety of disorders such as bacterial contamination of food, virus infection, allergy, as well as a series of serious and chronic ailments.

Skin Problems: This is considered as one of the major indications of a clogged or toxic colon. Skin problems like psoriasis and eczema are manifestations that you should undergo colon hydrotherapy. This is to improve and treat your skin problems.

Allergy: This kind of health problem can also be remedied through colon hydrotherapy. One of the factors that can cause this health problem is food that is not tolerated by your body.

Foul Body Odour: This is one of the manifestations that your colon is clogged with a lot of faecal materials. This may lead to colon toxicity if not addressed properly.

Bad Breath or Halitosis: An unhealthy colon will result to your breath’s foul smell. This arises from the smell of the accumulated wastes in your colon. From there, it goes up to your respiratory system then to your mouth.

Constant Abdominal Gas: A clogged colon will result to stomach bloating. This in turn may cause discomfort in your abdomen. It may form into gas that can cause colon toxicity.

Haemorrhoids: This is the most common result of constipation and other kinds of digestive organ troubles. If you are experiencing bowel movement difficulty, haemorrhoids will occur. Before you even get this problem, you must already adapt a colon cleanse technique like colon hydrotherapy once you are constipated.

What Happens If You Do Not Solve Colon Toxicity?

If you are experiencing the above mentioned health problems, you may undergo a string of colon hydrotherapy. This is to cleanse your colon from the accumulated faecal matters that may cause colon toxicity. A colon which is unhealthy can endanger your overall health and may also lead to conditions such as bowel toxaemia and leaky gut syndrome.

Bowel toxaemia is a predicament which results from the accumulated faecal matters, impacted faeces, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and worms in your colon borders. Leaky gut syndrome on the other hand, is a kind of condition wherein the toxins in your colon can be soaked up and pass around into your bloodstream. If these toxins will not be eliminated as soon as possible, it can cause impairment to your organs like liver, kidney and lungs.

It is very important to look into the health problems that cause colon toxicity. Do not wait until such time that you are severely suffering from these conditions before you go and visit your doctor. Take all the necessary steps to make your colon healthy if you want to achieve overall health and wellness.

Hydrotherapy Colon Benefits

Colon Hydrotherapy is a procedure that uses water to flush out our colon of all the toxins that get packed onto the lining over the years. The procedure is completely natural and doesn’t use any prescribed medicine. Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colon irrigation, colon cleansing or colon enema.

Many doctors are now engaging this procedure as mandatory to a healthy colon. Initially, there was some speculation but the facts are that you need to clean your colon by doing hydrotherapy cleanse. Cleansing or detoxing your entire body must be a part of your everyday lifestyle. Liver cleanses, kidney cleaning and off course colon cleansing.

Hydrotherapy colon cleansing has such a huge impact in leading to a healthy lifestyle. The basic function of the colon is to extract water out of the stool as it passes through the intestine. The water is dispersed into the body and hydrates the body. The water carries nutrients that are drawn out and pass them into the vital organs. When the colon becomes lined with toxic old faecal matter this prevents this important process from happening.

Symptoms caused from a dirty colon

Let’s discuss the symptoms that are caused form a packed or lined colon. Firstly, irritable bowel syndrome can be caused from a colon lining being toxic. The fact that the stool lines the polyps in your colon will make the symptoms worse for IBS. Doctors suggest that a colon cleanse or hydrotherapy procedure will help clear the lining and this will allow for less constriction and cramping of the colon. IBS will be minimized with a colon cleanse.

A dysfunctional colon as it is generally called can lead to multiple issues. Some initial signs to a dysfunctional colon are fowl smelling stools. A normal looking stool is honey brown in colour and doesn’t have offensive smell. Constipation does cause the stool to be darker in colour.

With the colon being lined with decaying faecal matter, this will get absorbed into your bloodstream. So instead of water and nutrients getting passed into your system, you get toxins sent through your blood stream. The symptoms that can derive from this problem are allergies, swelling of your legs, Asthma, Skin issues like eczema, nausea, menstrual issues, IBS, insomnia and many more.

Colon Hydrotherapy

There are certain times wherein all of us ask something about anything, especially if it concerns our health. Colon hydrotherapy has no exclusion regarding its efficacy to the health of the colon. The following are some of the most popular queries that are usually asked by a lot of people before undergoing the said colon cleansing procedure.

Questions and Answers in Colon Hydrotherapy

You sail the same boat with other individuals who are new to colon hydrotherapy. Just like you, these individuals have questions at the back of their minds. Therefore, here are some of the most frequently asked questions on this colon cleanse program. Beside it, are answers to these queries…

Q.1. How reliable is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is considered secure. This is due to the fact that the gadgets used in this colon cleansing process are modernized. This is to get rid of the traditional enemas that your ancestors and parents used to have.

Q.2. What is the difference between enemas and modern colon hydrotherapy?

Enemas do not accomplish what colon hydrotherapy can in terms of eliminating the faecal matter in your colon. The former can only get through to the bottom part of the colon while the hydrotherapy can reach the complete segment of the colon. This makes it more effective than enemas.

Q3. Will an. individual be injured by colon hydrotherapy?

People who want to try colon hydrotherapy must not be alarmed. After all, the process is considered as comforting and invigorating.

Q.4. Up to what extent does colon hydrotherapy cleanses the colon?

Since the main goal of the hydrotherapy is to cleanse the large intestine, it has a very high percentage to clean the entire length of the colon. This is particularly if the one who will perform the procedure is a certified hydrotherapist.

Q.5. Is it necessary to see a doctor first before undergoing colon hydrotherapy?

If you have an underlying condition such as diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, and other kinds of internal problems, colon hydrotherapy remedy is not advisable. For other conditions, it is best to check with your doctor first prior to administering colon hydrotherapy.

Q.6. How great is the chance that you will acquire viral or bacterial infection after the utilization of colon hydrotherapy device?

If the process is well done, there is no chance that you will get contaminated by either bacteria or virus. The machines used in the process are properly sterilized and the attachments to the machine are not reusable meaning they are only used once.

Q.7. How lengthy is the process of colon hydrotherapy?

The most time you can have for colon hydrotherapy session is one hour and the least is 45 minutes.

Q.8. Will menstruation has an effect on colon hydrotherapy remedy?

Menstruation will not cause any reaction to the treatment. Having colon hydrotherapy remedy during this time is even considered as the most excellent time due to the fact that your body is somewhat in a cleansing period.

Q. 9. How to prepare for colon hydrotherapy treatment?

You must not consume any kind of food prior to the treatment. You must set your mind and have a positive attitude towards the colon cleanse procedure.

Q.10. Is there any possibility that you will feel some forms of intestinal distress or exhaustion after the treatment?

Commonly, you will not have any discomfort. But since the process eradicates almost all the accumulated toxins from your system you will slightly feel some reactions after the process.

Q.11. Is probiotic needed after the process?

Yes, you need probiotic supplement. This is to sustain and enhance bacterial equilibrium in your colon.

Now that you have answered your questions with regards colon hydrotherapy, you are about ready to start the program. Just make sure that you seek the help of experts first despite the fact that you may invest on an equipment to bring home with you. Take all necessary precautions before adapting these colons cleanse techniques.

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