CytoLean, not surprisingly therefore, is not your typical fat burner. Sure, CytoLean does contain surefire favorites like green tea (standardized for catechins and ECGC) and caffeine.

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Is Cytolean Clinically Proven?

Cytolean is a weight loss pill that promises quick results without giving you some of the unwelcome side effects that are common to fat burners and appetite suppressants. No jitters and no upset stomach.

But because the formula for Cytolean does not contain any of the stimulants that cause these effects, it is probably pretty weak. Really the only ingredient that I can see in the formula that is proven is Green Tea.

Is Cytolean Guaranteed?

No, there is no guarantee offered on Cytolean.

Cytolean Conclusion

Just like most pills, there are a couple benefits to Cytolean including the fact that you can buy Cytolean online and Cytolean has a couple good ingredients like green tea.

On the other hand, there are quite a few bad things about Cytolean. Cytolean does not have a guarantee, it is not clinically proven and it has a fairly weak formula.

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