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DecaSlim – Fat Burner Reviews

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you’ve likely heard of so-called “super foods” that both burn fat and suppress the appetite. DecaSlim is a diet pill that is advertised to include 10 of these foods in capsule form to help you lose weight in a natural way.

According to the official website, DecaSlim was designed after a man read a TIME Magazine article entitled “10 Foods That Pack a Wallop.” Concerned about his health, he went about trying to adopt the diet and ended up losing 12 pounds in two weeks.

However, because eating these foods is costly and can become repetitive, he decided to work with nutraceutical company Blackfire Global to develop a diet pill that contained all of them. The result is DecaSlim.

What’s In DecaSlim?

As promised, DecaSlim appears to contain the 10 super foods described in the “making of” story.

Ingredients used in making DecaSlim include FlaxSeed by LinumLife Extra Flax Seed, Safflower Oil by Tonalin, Dietary Fiber by ViscoFiber, Broccoli by BroccoPlus, Green Tea, Spinach 7000ppm, Blueberries by VitaBlue, Tomato by Lyc-O-Mato, Resveratrol, Spinach by Futureceuticals and Garlic “Allicin Powder”.

Here’s A Look At What They Are And How They Can Help You Lose Weight.

Green Tea is one of the best fat-burning ingredients currently on the market. It has been proven in multiple clinical trials to both improve your metabolism and burn fat. It even suppresses the appetite for a short time. It does so through thermogenesis, a condition in which your body’s core temperature is raised and calories are burned.

Safflower Oil is a form of tonalin, which you may know in association with conjugated linoleic acid. This substance is becoming an increasingly known presence in the weight loss industry for its ability to inhibit the absorption of fat into the body. As a fat blocker, it has been proven to reduce body fat by nine percent without the side effects associated with stimulants like caffeine.

Visco Fibre Dietary Fibre is a form of fibre that expands in the stomach and prevents you from overeating by keeping you feeling full for longer amounts of time. Because fibre is more difficult to break down than other food products, it also requires more energy, which improves your metabolism.

Vita Blue Blueberries are full of antioxidants that fight free radicals that are released when fat is broken down. Normally, this does nothing to directly aid in the metabolism of fat, but a compound newly identified in blueberries called ptesrostilbene has the ability to lower cholesterol and support the metabolism of fat. It also improves circulation.

Brocco Plus Broccoli is one of those green vegetables your mother always told you to eat—and with good reason. Broccoli contains both glucosinolates and sulforaphane, which stop harmful chemicals in the body and support enzymes in the liver, which are vital to health as well as proper digestion. Digestion is must to good metabolism, so broccoli can indirectly support weight loss.

Futureceuticals Spinach is another dark green vegetable important to health. Spinach contains lipoic acid, which helps to regenerate vitamins C and E.

In high levels, these vitamins are said to support weight loss. Spinach is also important in producing energy, which you may remember from watching Popeye cartoons. Because of this, it is being investigated for its use in regulating blood sugar levels. If this proves correct, it could suppress the appetite.

LinumLife Flax Seed is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which not only support the immune system, but also help burn “bad” fat. It is vital for heart and joint health, as well as for maintaining good skin, so you may see some improvement in those areas also.

Lyc-O-Mato Tomato supports cardiovascular health, but in terms of greater health, it can also keep your prostate healthy, prevent damage to DNA and other cells in the body, and support healthy skin. These effects have all been proven through scientific research and clinical studies.

Garlic supports normal cholesterol levels and promotes better circulation. This will deliver nutrients to your muscles and other organs in your body, helping you build more lean muscle mass, which will improve your body composition and help burn fat.

Resveratrol is linked to better cardiovascular health because of its high antioxidant properties. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial in weight loss as inflammation may prevent fat burning.

Will This Formula Promote Weight Loss?

From what I can tell, this seems to be a well-rounded formula. While it may do more to promote good health than actual fat burning, we all know that good health is key to losing weight.

By removing some of the road blocks you face to weight loss, your diet and exercise will begin to take greater effects.

Advantages Of Using DecaSlim

  • This weight loss supplement has been produced from ten unique and nutritional food extracts.
  • It can easily be purchased directly from the official website of the producers.
  • This weight loss diet product comes with a lifetime guarantee

Disadvantages Of Using DecaSlim

  • There are no free trials or free samples offered for this supplement.
  • Readers’ comments on the site for this product show that their customer service is quite poor and certain people have been given wrong orders at a time.
  • Its wasn’t revealed if DecaSlim had been approved by the FDA
  • Though the manufacturers claim this product can help their users with acne, there’s no form of support from a dermatologist to official recommend or support this product as a supplement that can help fight acne.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Because DecaSlim is based mainly on natural ingredients and even foods, there aren’t many side effects to speak of. Some, however, do exist and you should be aware of them.

As a stimulant, caffeine in green tea may cause nausea, headaches, irritability, anxiousness, and insomnia.

Fibre has also been connected to some digestive issues like flatulence and blockages in the intestines.

As to resveratrol, it may present some of the greater side effects in DecaSlim. Some people believe it may stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. However, because this is not yet proven, I wouldn’t base your decision regarding DecaSlim on this.

How Much Does DecaSlim Cost?

DecaSlim retails for a fairly inexpensive $39.99 per bottle. Considering that eating a diet of the 10 super foods probably exceeds this price, it is more than pain.

While I recommend starting with just one bottle to ensure Decaslim works for you, you can later save money by ordering multiple bottles. You are also eligible to receive free bottles of the 48 Hour Diet Pill with multiple orders.

Each order comes with the 90-day money-back guarantee in place, which means you have the opportunity to try it first with no risk involved. The guarantee is good for one bottle and any other bottles, provided they are unopened.

Should I Try DecaSlim?

DecaSlim looks like a well-rounded, reliable pill for weight loss, provided you’re doing the work on your own end to burn fat. And with a cheap price, I feel comfortable recommending it to those of you that are committed to losing weight.


This supplement is basically a weight loss supplement that can be termed as a multivitamin. Though DecaSlim might really help with a user overall nutrition or health issues, it’s not clear how this supplement can help one lose weight. Its best you seek the help of your doctor before taking a supplement like DecaSlim.

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