DetoxaTrim Colon Cleanser

DetoxaTrim receives a fair rating from colon cleanser reviews because of its moderate cleansing quality. The product seems to focus on weight loss solution more than colon cleansing.

Its Ingredients and Benefits

Sera-Pharma, the manufacturers of DetoxaTrim, makes these powerful combinations: Fast Flush, and daily supplement to cleanse the digestive system and lose excess weight.

To fully utilize the DetoxaTrim system, you will have to use it in 2 phases.

1. 24 Hour DetoxaTrim Liquid Fast Flush

Jump starts your body in detoxification with a powerful dose of natural ingredients. It contains fibre, vitamins, minerals, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and many other combinations to get rid of the unwanted waste.

2. DetoxaTrim Daily Capsules

You take the capsules after you complete the 24-hour liquid. The capsules continue coaxing your body to lose extra pounds. The ingredients curb your appetite and cravings. Moreover, some of the ingredients boost the metabolism as well as the immune system.

DetoxaTrim ensures to cleanse not only the unwanted gunk, weight and waste, but also looks after the health of your digestive system. The combination of Phase 1 and Phase 2 ensure that all toxins especially candida (yeast) is removed from your body.

Lose Weight with DetoxaTrim

If your goal is to lose weight and firm up your shape, DetoxaTrim might work for you. The product focuses on weight loss control more than anything. With the 24-hour liquid, you should see the result within a day. The company states that it is a highly concentrated solution.

The daily capsules also contain Glucomannan, a heavy fibre gel in stomach triggering feeling full, and Chromium, a supplement normalizing blood sugar. These two will surely keep your weight down.

DetoxaTrim: Weight Loss Solution

Due to its focus on a weight loss regimen, DetoxaTrim comes out a bit weak in the colon cleansing category in our colon cleanser reviews. DetoxaTrim delivers more on its second phase—weight loss. The first phase, Fast Flush, only prepares the body for the real system, the second phase.

If you need a real colon cleanser, look for the best colon cleanser in our colon cleanser reviews. They help you fix the chronic constipation, activate your bowel movements, and cleanse your colon.