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Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Foods That Burn Belly Fat

The problem with getting rid of stubborn belly fat is that you can’t really do it with exercise alone. Many of my readers know I love exercise and the benefits that you get from it, but if you want to burn belly fat, food choices are more important than your exercise routine.

You probably hear a lot of conflicting advice about what foods are best for losing weight. Should you eat carbs, or not eat carbs? Are proteins really essential? So, to be clear, because our goal is a little different than the average person who wants to lose weight, we need to forget most of the advice that people traditionally dispense about dieting.

That’s because most diet advice is geared towards people who have lots of fat to lose. Most people are packing on enough pounds and have diets that even the Hamburger would cringe at, that just about any diet will result in some initial weight loss.

But belly fat is a different sort of problem because it’s very stubborn fat. Usually when you diet, you lose weight everywhere but your belly. In fact, fact clings to the midsection worse than a koala bear to a tree in the middle of a wind storm. So, we have to take a more aggressive approach if our target is the visceral fat that makes our middle soft, round and ugly.

The easiest thing to do is to make substitutions for things you normally eat on a regular basis. For instance, let’s say bread is your thing; you like to eat breads, crackers and the like. Well, this stuff often has sugars and corn syrups that mess up our insulin levels are detrimental out goal of getting rid of fat.

However, replacing those foods with some of the fat burning foods listed below will help us reveal our naturally ripped abs.

5 Great Foods For Burning Belly Fat

1. Beans – Beans make the list because they are high in fibre and they provide enough protein to help meet our daily protein requirements. Plus, beans help you feel full and satisfied because they offer a little bulk to our diet. Rather than eating one of those thin, 100 calorie processed snack packs, beans have fibre and substance to them, plus they are a slow burning carb. Eating beans keeps off from feeling famished 10 minutes after we eat.

One advantage to high fibre, like beans, is that they take much longer to digest and don’t mess with our insulin levels. This means they are a perfect substitution for bad, insulin spiking carbs like the aforementioned breads, crackers, and other processed foods. Not to mention, they also help to lower your bad cholesterol, so that means that they really are good for your heart!

2. Eggs – The other thing we need in our fat burning quest is an ample supply of protein. Protein helps us build and maintain our muscles mass, which is an important element in keeping our metabolism running high.

Often, people on diets neglect their protein intake and their body starts using their own muscle as an energy and protein source. This causes muscle loss and, what they don’t realize, is that for every pound of muscle they lose, they are also burning 40-50 less calories a day. It’s one of the reasons their metabolism slows and their diets stops working.

So, in the interest of keeping our protein intake high enough, we are going to add eggs to our list of great fat burning foods.

3. Chicken – Chicken also makes our list for much the same reason that eggs do. Chicken is a high protein food, but it is also low in fat. So, we get the goodness of protein, without the extra calories from fat.

The other thing about chicken, and most protein foods for that matter, is that your body actually burns calories in the assimilation process. The guys in white lab coats call this the “thermal effect of food.” Our chicken requires more calories to digest and use than something like a piece of bread, which is assimilated relatively easily. This means the net calories for chicken are actually less than they first appear.

4. Broccoli – Let’s face it, we all hate those gnawing hunger pains when were on a diet. After a while, even the food in the dog’s bowl starts to look good, when you feel deprived and hungry. So, to avoid this feeling we want to eat foods that have some bulk.

Broccoli is a food with some volume, so it fills our stomachs a bit more than many other vegetables. And, let’s face it, you probably don’t eat enough vegetables to begin with, so adding broccoli to the mix will offer you a lot of other health benefits, like fighting cancer.

If you prefer other vegetables, great, stick with those. The important thing is to just eat them. Also, it is a good idea to avoid canned vegetables because they tend to have lot preservatives. But, when faced with the choice between canned vegetables and the Biggie Size Fries from McD’s, chose the canned vegetables.

You might be surprised to learn that frozen vegetables are s a good choice. Many times the vegetables are flash frozen right after picking so they retain many more of the nutrients.

5. Whole Grains – Here is another very simple switch that will help us lose weight. Go for whole grain foods as opposed to the white flour foods, which have relatively little nutritional value. A good choice, for example, is wheat breads that don’t use corn syrup and that have at least 3 grams of fibre per slice.

Also, you will find a variety of whole grain options for other foods such as pastas, cereals, and breads. However, don’t be confused by the labelling. The FDA let’s food companies be pretty liberal with their claims and many “whole wheat foods” don’t really have that much whole wheat. Instead they use a mix of whole wheat and white flour. Look at the ingredients and make sure the first or second ingredient listed is whole wheat.

Other choices in the grain category are oats, barley and quinoa. These are all low glycemic index foods that won’t send your insulin into overdrive and undermine your fat burning goals.

You will find that meals built around these 5 pillar choices will really accelerate your weight loss especially if you add exercise to your weekly routine.

Things About Belly Fat

Here are the seven things to know about belly fat.

1. Deep belly fat is one type of fat in your body. Visceral or intra-abdominal fat is another name for it. This fat surrounds the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines. Although it represents approximately 15% of the total fat in your body, excessive amounts of visceral fat has links to serious diseases.

2. Subcutaneous fat is the other type of fat. This is the fat we notice which is underneath the layers of our skin.

3. Visceral fat is an organ that releases substances. Visceral fat is more active than subcutaneous fat. It releases fatty acids, hormones, toxins and other inflammatory substances — which can cause serious health problems.

4. Medical researchers have linked visceral fat to diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

5. CT or MRI scans can accurately measure the amount of visceral fat. Cross section images clearly reveal the thick layer of visceral fat that surround the vital internal organs that are within the abdominal region.

6. Abdominal exercises alone will not remove visceral fat. Exercises that only give the abdominal muscles a workout cannot burn off the deep belly fat that surrounds the internal organs.

7. Cardiovascular workouts will burn off visceral fat. Brisk walking or jogging for 30 to 45 minutes five days a week at a pace that makes the heart rate go up and cause a sweat is ideal.

Ways Of Losing Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for every lady but it leaves your body puffed with fat. To accommodate the baby in your belly and to provide it nutrition, your body cells absorb fat and nutrients. The biggest challenge post pregnancy is to lose this fat.

Months of stored fat doesn’t get burned in days. It takes at least two months for your body to get on the fast track to lose your body fat. Whatever you do, it is highly recommended that you don’t go on a diet. Losing your fat is important but not at the cost of your strength.

While losing belly fat after pregnancy, you must focus on two things, first, to tighten your sagging muscles and skin and second to burn those stored fat cells.

Here, we will discuss some ways to lose that post pregnancy fat.

1. Breast Feeding:

Breast feeding is as important to the mother as it is to the baby. While it provides the baby with the essential nutrients, it helps the mother to lose that extra fat stored in her body. It takes a lot of calories and energy for the body to make even a drop of breast milk. Also, after pregnancy, your body starts to lose the extra stored nutrients in different ways. It’s best if those nutrients are used efficiently. You will feel energetic after breast feeding sessions.

2. Brisk Walking:

Almost all the doctors will suggest you not to do heavy exercises especially right after pregnancy. Walking or brisk walking for 30 minutes to one hour daily will help you a great deal in losing your fat in the belly region. For brisk walking, take long steps while keeping your body straight but loose. Also, swing your arms as far as you can. Brisk walking should be about all the body muscles and not particularly the leg muscles. See below video for correct way of brisk walking.

3. Yoga:

Yoga is the perfect post pregnancy exercise. It’s not as strenuous as other exercises but delivers even better results. It is also safe for C-section patients. Focus on yoga exercises which target your belly fat. There are some yoga exercises which look more like aerobics but they are quite different. Some yoga positions such as kapalbhati and anlom vilom are excellent to begin with. Remember that you have to engage your belly muscles.

4. Do Ball Exercises:

Using a ball in your post pregnancy workout program is a good way to start with. Your body is still not ready for heavy exercises like the full body crunches. Use a ball to simulate tough exercises. Lose your fat while protecting your body from extreme forces. Balls also provide balance. Put either your stomach or your back on the ball and roll back and forth. Learn to do crunches using exercise balls.

5. Sit Ups:

Sit ups are much more easy and effective than crunches while exercising after a pregnancy. For more comfort, start with bent knee sit ups. To do bent knee sit ups, lie down on your back. Fold your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Now fold your arms around your shoulder. Try to lift y0ur torso by applying force from your lower back. Sit ups focus on your abdominal muscles. Contracting these muscles will burn your belly fat.

6. Diet Smart:

Dieting will definitely help you lose your fat. But dieting after pregnancy should be done with special precautions. While dieting post pregnancy, remember three things: Give your body some time to come back from the effects of pregnancy before going on a diet. Dieting right after pregnancy is dangerous. Start after at least four weeks. This time may sound a bit too much but believe me; you don’t know a thing about what your body has undergone during pregnancy. Diets help your body, not to torture it.

Rather than cutting down on the food, cut down on the fat. Include fat loss diets in your daily life. Make some changes in your grocery. Use low fat dairy products. Switch to low fat sleek meats. Focus more on proteins and fish. Bring down your carbs and saturated fat.

Don’t make your post pregnancy diet plan by yourself. Your body’s vitals change drastically after a pregnancy. Consult a doctor for your nutrient values. Let a dietician make your chart and revise it every two weeks.

7. Maintain Metabolism:

Believe it or not but your body is more concerned about losing your fat than you. In fact, your metabolic rate increases automatically after you give birth to your child. More importantly, you must focus on maintaining this metabolic rate. If you don’t, you will do more harm to yourself than good. That’s why; every doctor recommends some basic exercises to recent mothers.

Maintaining your body metabolism is easy, especially after pregnancy. Eat small portions of meal at regular intervals to keep your body in the loop. For better results, increase your protein intake which helps burn more fat and that too very efficiently.

8. Sleep:

Dieting and exercising are not the only essential of fat loss after pregnancy. To efficiently lose your belly fat, keep your stress levels at low and take 2 to 3 hours of more sleep than usual. Your body goes through extreme changes during pregnancy and resting your body properly after pregnancy is the key to a healthy body.

Beginner’s Guide to Diet to Lose Belly Fat

Want to know how fat burning calories works? Here are the best fat burning tips without having to go to the gym. They are so simple, a child could follow them. Say goodbye to your fat once and for all.

1. To improve digestion and elimination, eat raw vegetables and fruits. Both help strengthen and reinforce your natural enzymes. These enzymes make it easier to breakdown foods you are eating. You get a ton of nutrients out of them and you help your body eliminate waste faster from your body.

2. Too much cardio will eat away at your muscle tissue, causing your metabolism to slow down and your body to start storing fat. So substitute shorter duration, high intensity interval training for the slow, long duration cardio. This will boost your metabolism. You do not want a marathon runner’s body.

3. Stress levels control your natural ability to lose weight. How can you lower your stress levels? Besides exercise, do deep breathing for five minutes a day. Added oxygen will get your blood and lymph flowing better. This does lots to benefit the body and helps to relax you. Fat burning calories is a very natural thing.

4. Avoid very low calorie diets. You can lose weight quickly, but it only lasts for a week or two. After the fourth or fifth week you will find the dieting becoming harder. Crash diets lead to a decreased metabolism. You eat less, consequently burn less.

These tips will speed up your metabolism in a fast and natural way. The information I have provided is not a thorough guide to losing weight. They are a vehicle to get you thinking in the direction losing weight. The best weight loss advice is to transition slowly into a healthier lifestyle. No question, this information is critical to your understanding of fat burning calories.

Belly Burner Belts

This is a belt that was made by a man named Bobby Waldron. Bobby is well known as a trainer of the stars. The story is that he designed this belt to provide the people who use it with another way to lose belly fat by making the core of the body hotter during a workout.

What Does The Belly Fat Belt Do?

This slim belly belt increases the temperature of your core in order to shed pounds and inches. The fabric is patented and is a neoprene cell that makes a sort of sauna around your mid-section which in effect melts the inches off of your waist.

The custom shape of the slim away belt provides not just ultimate comfort but also great functionality. You can just wear this belt during your daily exercise or activities and you will see your love handles and even the extra inches in the waist area disappear.

Using the belly belt to lose weight will allow you to turn into a fat burning machine and finally earn those chiselled abs you’ve been dreaming of.

How Does The Belly Belt Fat Burner Work?

You’ve seen those electrode belts, right? It’s the ones that shoot electrical impulses into the abdominal muscles to stimulate them? This tummy slimming belt doesn’t do that. The way this belt works is it increases the heat in the abdominal area. This core temperature is also known as the burn that you feel when you are working out.

Increasing the surface temperature and increasing the muscle temperature are totally different things. According to Livestrong, there is very little truth to the statements that the Belly Burner Belt actually works in the way that it is advertised to.

That doesn’t mean that there are not any benefits to it though. See, the centre of every exercise routine is the core of your body. Everything you ever see or hear about exercise will include something regarding the core and working the core so that your stability and balance will improve.

Slim Belly Belt & Your Core Muscles

Your core muscles are the ones which not only hold up your body but they also relieve pressure from your back. This tummy trimmer belt is a good way to keep your abdominal muscles pulled into your core and it also reminds people who wear it to lift things properly in order to prevent abdominal and back injuries.

How Much Does This Fat Belt Cost?

If you get this belt from Amazon, you will pay $19.95 plus shipping. That is not the only place where you can get it though. Different places may charge different prices.

When you order the Belly Belt you also get some other items free with it. You get an exercise DVD featuring Bobby Waldron. It is a full length DVD and it is a secret weapon for ab sculpting and fat fighting. You will also get the food and exercise journal, a calorie counter and a meal planner and nutrition log.

What Are Some Of The Qualities Of Weight Loss Belts?

Some of the qualities of these weight loss belts actually have not much at all to do with weight loss. For example, when you are wearing this belt, it acts as a sort of back brace as well as a reminder to lift properly with your knees instead of your back.

Another quality is that generally when you buy something to help you lose weight, when you get it you use it…meaning that you get up and start exercising when you might otherwise not. You can wear this belt during almost any activity too.

What Does Bobby Waldron Say About The Tummy Trimmer Belt?

According to Bobby Waldron, this item was designed for use in conjunction with either resistance based or aerobic exercise while also being used with a proper diet in order for users to get that slim core.

You can visit the main web site for the Belly Burner Belt for more information. There are also videos on YouTube regarding this belt and its uses.

Belly Dancing and its Wonderful Weight Loss And Better Body

From the field of entertainment, belly dancing has gained reputation as one of many greatest fitness workouts all about the world. Distinct versions of this dance had been made to distinguish it from region to region. Its recognition is connected with its colourful costumes and exclusive dance movements.

Belly dancing as many believed; operate well with all the midsection of the physique even so it really doesn’t. For it in fact targets all body components which eventually produce an astounding overall performance of belly dancing in terms of fitness.

It really is appropriate for all ages, gender, and physique shape and doesn’t call for a certain degree of dance skill and knowledge. It encourages those folks who’re hunting for easy activity to be fit. You need not undergo difficult trainings for example lifting of heavy weights, running extended distance, and the likes. It only allows easy physical exercise program aiming to sustain the energy necessary by our body.

Belly dancing is also an incredible way to shed excess weight efficiently. This entertaining activity doesn’t call for constraints on any aspect just to lose weight. It especially assists to shed excess weight by keeping metabolism on greater levels. This dance burns off as much as 300 calories, isn’t it amazing?

Belly dance can boost core and common body strength, too. It improves weak and flabby muscles efficiently. Following a few weeks of belly dancing you can obtain toned and flexible muscles. Its various moves can outcome to strong muscles on arms, shoulder, upper body, mid-section and legs. Therefore, anticipate a shapely and sexier body in just couple of weeks.

In addition, belly dancing is also an excellent discomfort reliever. It can ease joints and back pain and heals menstrual cramps. This is probably because of the relaxant effect. Pains are usually brought on by stressed muscles. As soon as you do belly dancing movements, muscles had been relaxed and joints had been lubricated which outcome to a healed back pain and joint discomfort.

1 advantage of this dance is the use of low-impact exercises which spare anybody from difficult trainings. It only calls for basic and low-impact workouts to help keep up the metabolic rate high. It really is as simple as walking or jogging. It also makes use of easy cardiovascular workouts to sustain energy essential. Thus, even older individuals can do belly dancing movements. It is going to help them boosts metabolism, strengthen blood circulation and be wholesome.

Another advantage of belly dancing will be the reduction of stress level. When a person does what he desires, a particular hormone is excreted that final results to a greater degree of satisfaction and happiness. Simply stated, belly dancing has a great deal of advantages that enthusiasts wanted to accomplish for example physique shape, dance moves and fun. When all of those issues were achieved, it decreases pressure level which is undoubtedly good for any person’s common well-being.

Moreover, mastering the art of belly dancing is incomparable. The beauty and uniqueness of this dance makes it possible for the performer to be comfy with her physique and enjoy her all-natural curves. She will uncover the sensual moves that her body can make to show her artistic and feminine qualities.

Belly dancing is indeed an excellent form of entertainment and exercise with plenty of benefits for your thoughts and physique. Catering to all ages, belly dancing has certainly conquered the reputation of getting the most-sought right after dance workout.

Learn more about belly dancing to lose weight. Stop by our website and blog where you can find out all about exercises to reduce weight and what it can do for you.

Belly Fat In Children And Their Health

Belly fat is children are very common. Ninety percent of all children between the ages of one and five will acquire belly fat to some degree. Regardless of diet or exercise all children will form belly fat to some degree as their bodies learn how to delegate nutrients and fat.

Many parents become worried when they discover that their children have acquired belly fat. Many parents will even restrict their children’s diets in hopes of causing their child to lose weight. However, this can be very dangerous, since all children need proper nutrients in order to fully develop.

The good news is that ninety-eight percent of all children who acquire baby fat will simply ‘grow out of it’ over time. In fact, most children will ‘grow out of it’ rather quickly. However, there are some children who never lose their belly fat until they have reached puberty. But in most cases all children will simply lose their baby fat before the age of six.

There is a common misunderstanding amongst many people that belly fat in children is the direct result of overeating. In fact, many people assume that belly fat is due to parents not watching their children’s diets. However, this is very untrue in most case. Regardless of how strict a child’s diet may be, they may still acquire baby fat.

When it comes to dealing with belly fat in children, parents should be aware of their child’s diet, but should not restrict them from eating healthy snacks.

Of course, they should not allow their child to eat everything that they see. If a parent believes that their child’s weight is an issue they should immediately seek out the help of a trained doctor in order to seek out proper counsel.

Obesity in children is not uncommon if a child is not taught proper eating habits. In fact, many parents are to blame for excessive belly fat in children.

However, if parents set proper eating schedules and teach their children proper eating habits, they will avoid many of the common effects of weight gain.

The truth is that all children will acquire baby fat to some degree. However, in most cases there is nothing to worry about. This is just a normal part of the growing process amongst children. Be that as it may, parents should take pains to watch and maintain their child’s weight in a healthy manner.

Belly Fat Burning Exercises For Men

Barbell rollouts

Use a barbell and load it up with 10lbs of plates and lock it secure. This belly fat burning exercises will start by kneeling on the floor and with two hands clutched to the overhand. Position the barbell under your shoulders and slowly roll out as far as your body can extend then hold for 2 seconds and then roll back to the original position.

Dumbbell step up (crossover)

As the name suggests, this is one of those belly fat burning exercises that requires 2 pieces of dumbbells held in both hands. Stand at the right side of a bench almost as high as your knees then use your right leg to step up the bench without your left leg touching the surface of the bench. Go back to starting position by stepping down with your left leg first. Simply turn around to work with your left leg.

Front squat (barbell)

Using the hollow bar of the barbell, you position yourself ready for a squat placing the bar on top of your arms and close to your chest. Bend your legs lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor. For this belly fat burning exercises, you can add some more challenge to it by placing weights onto the hollow bar.

Cable core press

This is another effective belly fat burning exercises where you attach a stirrup handle on the middle pulley of any cable station. Hold the handle with your two hands and place them in front of your chest. Stand at the right side of the stack and slowly push your hands forward until fully stretched forward, pause for at least 5 seconds and then move back to original position. Turn to different side to work on the left area of your body.

Do as much repetitions as you can, provided that you will not be overstressing yourself. Belly fat burning exercises will only be effective as long as you can do them so be careful not to incur any injuries while doing them.

You can always make changes on the weights you use on any of these exercises or the repetitions and sets that you want. There are always ways to make them fit your needs just remember to keep the basic steps intact. Also, never forget to eat right. That is extremely important on belly fat burning exercises.

Best Diet for Losing Belly Fat

Many people who try to lose their weight and gain muscle are searching for opinion on the best diet for losing belly fat. The individuals get confused due to various tips they get from numerous sources. Today, millions of people all over the earth face these kinds of problems. Diet is an essential parts of the weight loss programs. Many people struggle to lose their belly fat. When people eat the correct foods, then they can overcome from this problem. The main components of food are protein, carbohydrate and fat.


It plays a main role in developing the body. Good sources of protein that one must select dairy with low fat and lean meat. The examples include turkey, lean beef, chicken breast, cottage cheese skim milk, and sausage. People can also eat cold water fish because it has rich amount of protein. The individuals can get whey protein powder because it has numerous health benefits.


When people choose the best diet for losing belly diet, it is best to consider carbohydrates with the glycemic index. The carbohydrates with a higher glycemic index leads to a higher fat storage and insulin production. The food items such as white rice, French fries, potato, sugar, pizza and desserts contains higher amount of carbohydrates with a higher glycemic index.

In order to avoid accumulation, people can eat foods which are rich in carbohydrates. Good sources of low glycemic index carbohydrates include whole grain cereals, brown-rice, oatmeal, sweet potato and apple. The individuals can eat more healthy vegetables and fruits such as grapes, eggplant, beans, berries, broccoli, celery, mushrooms, mangoes, cauliflower, and oranges. All these items are low in calories and include beneficial minerals and vitamins.


Today, many individuals think that the best diet for losing belly fat must comprise very less fat. The fat is an essential part of diet because it is a good source of energy. The fats are divided into three types such as saturated fats, mono-saturated fats and trans fats. The saturated fats and trans fats come under the dangerous type of fat.

The sources of saturated fats and trans fats include French fries, beef, pork and chips. People need to add mono-saturated fats in their diet. The monosaturated fats may be found in the plant products such as nuts and vegetable oil. Other fats that people must include are Omega-5 and Omega-3 fats, and it is found in leafy vegetables, canola oil and fish.

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