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Digestive Cleanse Diet

Digestive Cleanse Diet

Digestive System – Colon Cleanser

We all know that we have a digestive system. A lot of time is spent teaching us about it in middle school. But what we learn hardly covers a small percentage of the intricacies of one of the most important systems of the body.

The Main Role Of Digestion

In case you aren’t aware, digestion is important because what we eat isn’t something the body can readily absorb. Take that piece of fried chicken you ate for lunch. Without digestion, that piece of fried chicken will fester and rot in your stomach as – well, just another piece of fried chicken. Our body gets all the nutrients it needs from the food we eat, but in order to get that, it needs to break down what we eat, first.

It’s common knowledge that digestion takes place in the stomach, but that’s not where it begins. Digestion starts in the mouth, when the salivary glands start breaking down your food. One of the easiest ways to see this is by feeding your digestive system any type of grain. Chew on the grain for a couple of minutes, and you’ll discover that your mouth will slowly break the food down into a form that’s a lot easier for the stomach to handle.

But digestion doesn’t end at the stomach. The stomach is where most of it takes place, true, but absorption happens in the intestines. Once all the food has been broken down, digested by the system, the remaining nutrients are then pushed into the intestines, and the lining throughout all forty feet of the intestines absorbs the nutrients. The remnants are then formed as faecal matter, and removed from the body as waste.

Digestive Juices How exactly does digestion happen, though?

The process is prodded along via the production of secretions by the body. We mentioned earlier that digestion begins in the mouth; the salivary glands, responsible for the production of saliva, take care of breaking down the simple starches in your food. This prepares it for the second level of digestion once the nutrients reach the stomach.

Once the food reaches the stomach, stomach acids start breaking down the proteins in your food. This makes it easier for the food to go into the small intestines, where the pancreas and the kidneys come into play. The secretions they excrete act on a variety of substances, which include complex carbohydrates, fats, and excess proteins. This is the final phase of digestion, where the only things that are left are the nutrients that go into the intestines, and are absorbed by the body.

There are plenty of things that a lot of people take for granted when it comes to digestion. And this often leads to the digestive system breaking down over the years. This is perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why we should take the time to learn and understand more about how our digestive system functions.

Digestive Enzymes: An Important Colon Cleanser

Indigestion is the common problem that is experienced by older people, which can cause a lot of discomfort like bloating and gas. Eating right is not the proper solution for this type of digestive problem. To help avoid the discomfort, you need to have digestive enzymes coupled with colon cleansing.

Digestive enzymes are responsible in splitting down the foods that you take-in into nutrients that your body need. If the nutrients are properly absorbed and distributed to your body, you will not experience any sort of digestive problems. However, if your enzymes are insufficient, it could result to indigestion.

Insufficient enzymes in your body can create widespread of parasites. It may also cause allergies, unbalanced function of both good and bad bacteria, hardened stools, bloating, and other types of health problems. It is required that when you reach more than 35 years old, you should have digestive enzyme supplements every day.

Relationship of enzymes and digestion

Enzymes and digestion work together in giving you good health. Digestive enzymes perform a very important function in splitting down food to become vital nutrients to be absorbed and distributed to your body.

Digestion on the other hand, starts from your saliva by splitting down the carbohydrates and fats from your foods. The process manufactures digestive enzymes in your abdomen. The moment the food turn into enzymes it will be absorbed and distributed to the different parts of your body.

Your small intestine plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients. Its walls provide more enzymes to split up the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Your liver is also useful because it manufactures bile that can aid in the absorption of dissolved fats. The whole procedure is a great factor in breaking down the sugars, fatty acids, and amino acids thus resulting to a raise in your energy levels.

Symptoms of enzyme deficiency

Insufficient digestive enzymes can result to some digestive and health problems like indigestion, expansion of the abdomen and gas formation in the stomach. You may also experience constipation and food sensitivity. Harmful parasites and bad bacteria will also thrive in your body. You may also suffer irritable bowel syndrome, constant headaches, and chronic fatigue. Your energy levels may also be reduced, and you could be more prone to infection.

Sources of Digestive Enzymes

Your human body has the ability to manufacture 22 different types of enzymes. The best sources of which are raw vegetables, fruits, grains and meat. However, you can also acquire digestive enzymes by taking-in digestive supplements with the following ingredients: • Betaine HCL.

It is in charge with the absorption of fats and proteins in your body. It is an acid that can be found in some of the foods that you eat.

• Amylase.

This is a kind of enzyme that splits up starch into sugar, and it is found in your saliva which starts digestion.

• Protease.

This aids in breaking down the most difficult component in food which is protein.

Digestive enzymes play very a vital role in digestion. Without their help, your digestive system may fail anytime. You have to value its role in your body especially as they could contribute both to your internal organs and external well-being. Aside from the supplements you could have, be guided by proper colon cleansing as well.

Watch Your Digestive System Colon Cleanse

When someone is depressed, anxious, or brain foggy, rarely will they think about weighing up their digestive health as the cause for their condition. Most people don’t think their brain and their stomach have anything in common, even less so that these two are intimately linked and contain the answer to improving your health and disposition, but they certainly do.

New research has shown that an unhealthy digestive system can cause more than an upset stomach; it can truly affect your nervous system too, causing depression and chronic fatigue.

A study performed not long ago, centred on patients with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. The scientists discovered that these individuals had an important verbal IQ insufficiency, or lesser ability to remember words, than a control group of healthy people, and this becomes more obvious when we consider that almost everyone who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome shows signs of depression and anxiety.

But this is just the beginning. Another example of the strong relation between the stomach and the brain is chronic fatigue syndrome. Almost 50% of the individuals who suffer from this syndrome have depression and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. In addition, there is ample research that links a leaky stomach, harmful bacteria, and yeast overgrowth as important factors in the development of autism in children.

But even in the presence of such proof, don’t despair. There are many ways to keep your stomach healthy… and as a consequence, heal your mind. One of the best ways is to include a good probiotics in your diet. Probiotics are healthy intestinal bacteria, and its levels decrease as you age. Not only can this, but factors like disease, stress, and drugs negatively affect it too. In order to neutralize the damaging consequences, you can strengthen your stomach and your disposition by taking Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

Some probiotics have been known to control intestinal inflammation, and several probiotic combinations can truly improve short-term memory and concentration in people suffering from chronic fatigue, at the same time that these improved tryptophan levels, a decisive aspect of acceptable serotonin production and depression relief.

Among other mixtures to soothe the stomach are:

  • Glutamine, to boost the intestinal walls
  • Oligosaccharides, strong prebiotics that support the growth of probiotic bacteria
  • DGL, which fights H. pylori
  • Nacetyl glucosamine, to repair tissue
  • Marshmallow root, to protect mucous membranes
  • Berberine, to control inflammation
  • Cabbage and phosphatidycholine, to ease and heal ulcer pain
  • Slippery elm, to protect against excess acidity
  • Gamma oryzanol, to boost gastric movement

Another important part of your digestive health is colon cleansing. The colon is an organ that directly affects all the others. When faecal matter gets stuck in your colon clogging it up, the liver can’t work properly, and if this happens, the kidneys suffer, and so it goes. You start suffering from brain fog, lethargy, and many other disturbing symptoms.

The truth is that our colon’s natural state is an unhealthy one; it is filled with mucous plaque and toxins, in other words, it is a mess, and this is because of our unhealthy diets, poor lifestyle choices, and sad living conditions.

The only way to free our organism from these poisons is through a full body detox. Afterwards, you will feel an immediate improvement in your disposition and health, because your organism will start working optimally, without blockages and nasty toxins getting in the way of your healthy mind and body.

Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable and bloated, or you have been suffering from different digestive problems for a while, you can breathe easy as the solution is at hand. What you need is a colon cleanse. One thing people fail to realize is the overall effect of the problems of the digestive system to the rest of the body. It affects your skin, energy levels, weight, quality of sleep and even your ability to think clearly.

What is Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse?

Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse is a formula that has been created to detoxify or clean the digestive system. Some of the ingredients in the formula include Brown Rice Fibre, Apple Pectin, Pysllium Husk, Senna Leaf Extract, Acacia Gum, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Selenium among others.

When you are faced with problems such as constipation, bloating, cramping or diarrhoea, taking the colon cleanse helps to relieve the symptoms. The cleanse supplements are made using safe and natural ingredients, which are scientifically proven to detoxify the system.

How the cleanse works

The benefits of colon cleansing have long been known. Not only does the cleansing help the digestive system, it also helps to improve the skin appearance, while leaving the whole body looking and feeling healthy. Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse is a ten-day cleanse program that is aimed at dealing with the problem in a 3 step program. The steps include cleansing the colon, providing maximum digestion probiotic, and increasing fibre and nutrients.

The supplements contain high levels of fibre, which is essential for digestion. They also contain probiotics, nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. These are all necessary to maintain the digestive tract in a healthy condition.

Benefits of cleansing the colon

Poor nutrition habits lead to constipation and bloating. The supplements contain a laxative that is mild and natural, which helps to soften the stool. This ensures that when the stool is passed, it does not irritate the colon walls. Taking the colon cleanse supplements has been proven to relieve the discomfort. They help to flush, soothe and heal the system leading to more energy and better health.

Are there any disadvantages to it?

This kind of a colon cleanser, along with others will not work well if the digestive tract of the person is heavily clogged. In fact, it will make the situation worse. Some of the patients in this condition complain of excess constipation, headaches and pains.

In addition, they can cause irritation if they cause an overstimulation effect. They are also known to damage some nerves and afterwards cause further damage on the passage way. This is because the nerves will not sense the presence of bulk around the colon, and further clogging will be seen. They should therefore, not be used too often.

Digestive Science Cleanser Is Going To:

1. Wash toxic leftovers out of your colon

2. Withdraw harmful bacteria

3. Clear out clogged sections of your GI tract

Digestive Science Colon Cleanse can be purchased online from the official website. The 10 day cleanse is effective, and the manufacturers are confident enough of their product to offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Focusing on Digestive Care Tips

The digestive system’s health is crucial to colon health as well. When you do not take care of this system in your body, there is a tendency that your colon will suffer the consequences later on. Colon cleansing is not enough for digestive care though. To help you in your plight, here are some tips to remember.

There are a lot of ways you can practice in order to sustain colon health and your digestive system as well. Once you read along this article, you will see the effects of digestive health plus colon cleanse. Do not expect that this is just like other ordinary colon health cleanses tips though.

Food Consumption for Digestive Care and Colon Health

Food is the number one substance that enters into your mouth and goes to your digestive organ. If you are into digestive care, you must be able to look into the food you eat. Here are some of the things to consider when it comes to food consumption, digestive care and colon health: Consume foods that are unprocessed. Great examples of which are whole grains, fruits, vegetables, some types of beans, nuts and seeds. With this, you should also drink sufficient amount of water and practice working out regularly so that you can prevent a good number of colon troubles.

You should stay away from having excessively spicy and seasoned foods. Get rid or avoid at least those types of food that are rich in cholesterol and cooked excessively in fat. Consume only margarine and sugar rich food in moderation.

You must see to it that your food are properly chewed and eaten gradually. In order to prevent constipation, you should consume foods rich in fibre and eat only small amounts of processed carbohydrate food and drink. You must avoid foods and liquid which are very cold or frozen. If possible, avoid all dairy for a period of one month to observe if your situation will get better.

Liquid Ingestion for Digestive Care and Colon Health

Proper liquid ingestion is also important in caring for your digestive system. There are several tips contained in this regard. Here are six of the most important ones that you should remember.

1. Make it a habit to drink a glass of lukewarm water that has lemon juice extracted from half of a lemon. It will aid in promoting your liver to develop extra bile. This, in turn, will be utilized by your body to produce laxative effect naturally.

2. Practice ingesting a lot of room temperature water as replacement for coffee. The habit of ingesting dandelion tea must be practiced as well. This is in order for you to maintain the health of your kidneys and liver.

3. If you do not want to suffer constipation, try to drink fresh juice made out of carrot, spinach and beetroot. You can incorporate leaves of dandelion leaves, milk thistle or parsley if you prefer any of these. One word of advice though: do not combine fruit and vegetable juices.

4. You should try to drink half a litre of ocean water combined with 1 litre of refined water as soon as you wake up. This will help you eliminate your bowel properly. You can also try drinking the juice of the famous Aloe Vera plant to alleviate the constipation you are experiencing.

5. Drinking ginger tea will aid in accelerating your metabolism. Ingesting peppermint tea on the other hand, is also useful in food absorption and relieving flatulence. You should drink oolong tea after eating fatty foods because it will help in digesting the fat.

6. Drinking a glass of lukewarm un-homogenized milk incorporated with a pinch of spice from, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, ginger, sugar and saffron will aid in the proper absorption of food. Have a cup of green tea. It is loaded with antioxidants that will help wash out toxins from your body.

Additional Digestive Care Tips for Colon Health

It is important that you should undergo health assessment for your body organs like liver, thyroid, adrenals, stomach and small intestines. These can have an effect on the health of your colon. It is also necessary that illness of these organs must be treated to avoid complications.

There are still a lot of digestive care tips that you can practice for colon health. All you have to do is research for it or it would be better if you ask your health care provider about it. Never neglect the health of your colon or the rest of your body will suffer later on. Get your act now if you do not want to pay for the consequences.

What Are The Digestive Tract Cleansing Faq’s?

Since presently, there are numerous folks are not sure concerning colon cleaning, such as effectively employing a certain approach. Listed below are the frequently asked questions that may help you to get the info you need.

What are the different types of colon cleansers?

There are products that are available on the market right now, and each one is different from one other based on the methods being occupied and also the key materials in the item. Even so, they could be commonly categorized in to two forms: oxygen-based products and fibre-based products. Oxygen based cleansers make use of oxygen to clean up the colon.

Alternatively, fibre colon cleansers make use of fibres to exert all impurities as well as toxic compounds right out of the body. Both of these products get their very distinctive gains and also the only method of telling which one works finest is to give it a try on your own or perhaps talk to physician.

What are the advantages of colon solutions versus other colon cleanse recipes?

Fibre solutions are just as powerful as colon detox recipes simply because many of these products possess psyllium husk because the main component. Psyllium husk is one of the top sources of fibres that are required within cleansing the colon. On the other hand, oxygen-based skin cleansers tend to be more effective than dietary fibre skin cleansers due to the fact oxygen have been proven to cleansing the colon quicker. An additional of colon cleansers is that they tend to be more near to take.

What is the most in-demand colon cleanser you can purchase?

Within the most stringent sense, there is absolutely no such matter as the best colon cleanser because there are numerous specific requirements. Some people tend to be more comfortable using a fibre-based product while some tend to be more hassle-free by having an oxygen-based. Many people might select oxygen-based products as they are more effective and also efficient. Some fibre-based cleansers make people feel unwanted effects for example bloating along with flatulence.

Are Artificial Over The Counter Colon Cleansers very good?

Artificial and also the counter colon cleansers are generally not encouraged due to the fact most of them are filled with chemicals and are also unsafe. Though these are inexpensive, most of them tend not to work. For most individuals, they need to go through the cleansing the colon using an item that may provide total cleansing.

In the event you believe that your colon is completely alright, but you encounter occasional congestion, oxygen-based colon cleansers might be best for you personally. Unless you possess congestion, however encounter indigestion, an enema or perhaps colon cleanser is recommended.

Are colon cleansers safe?

Oxygen centred colon cleansers which are organic and natural are normally secure, even though taken for a long period of time. On the other hand, fibre-based products should not be taken for a longer time intervals. They may be recommended for use at least for a few months.

How long must I take a cleanser?

You could make a fibre-based cleanser for at least one to two months. Even though several cleansers might suggest a 7-day method, it is recommended to carry on the process a lot longer.

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