Fenphedra Xtreme

A good chunk of the Fenphedra Xtreme formula is clinically proven.  But Fenphedra Xtreme makes some false claims on the official website including that they claim that their pills are different in that they contain natural ingredients.

Well, just about every pill on the market contains natural ingredients, so Fenphedra Xtreme is not all that different in that regard.  In fact, Fenphedra Extreme is so similar to other pills that the even stole the name of a competitor and just added Xtreme to it.

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Fenphedra Xtreme Conclusion

There are good ingredients in Fenphedra Xtreme and that is a big plus, on the other hand Fenphedra Xtreme does not come with a guarantee nor does it come with a competitive price. The worst thing about Fenphedra Xtreme is the fact that they stole their name from a different company.

A lot of companies will borrow their names from successful pills but they will change the name slightly so you can know they are a imitation. Not Fenphedra Xtreme, they just plain stole the name, which is unethical and illegal.

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