Fenphedra is a weight loss pill available for purchase without a prescription. It works by suppressing the appetite and boosting energy levels, enabling the user to burn more calories and feel less hungry.

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Fenphedra reviews

With so many diet pills on the market, it’s difficult to know which really do aid weight loss and which ones could be hazardous to your health. Fenphedra has received many unfavourable testimonials lately, and so a closer look at this pill is needed.

Are there any side effects associated with Fenphedra use?

Yes, customer testimonials indicate that many users have experienced unwanted symptoms after taking Fenphedra. Many customers were so alarmed by these symptoms that they immediately halted use.

Side Effects Include:

  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Head pain
  • Nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory problems

Why Is Fenphedra Commonly Referred To As A Scam?

Many disappointed Fenphedra users have described this fat burner as a scam for a variety of valid reasons. A proportion of customers have had problems with delivery of the product, in which they have paid for the product and never receive the goods.

Critics have questioned Fenphedra’s marketing methods which include only displaying positive reviews on their website and sending bulk mail to internet users. Fenphedra’s manufacturers, Blackstone Nutrition and SyberVision have even faced lawsuits due to fake reviews on their websites.

Many users have complained that other than unwanted side effects, Fenphedra had no effect on them. They did not experience a suppressed appetite, increased energy levels or weight loss.

Astonishingly, in some cases users complained of weight gain. Customers have also expressed a concern that the manufacturers of Fenphedra do not offer a money back guarantee and will only refund unopened bottles.


In conclusion, it is clear that Fenphedra has some huge issues to overcome before it is taken seriously as a weight loss product. The side effects associated with this fat burner are bad enough to make customers hesitate before buying these pills. When these unwanted results are combined with a lack of positive results such as weight loss and increased energy, taking this pill can seem pointless.

The manufacturer’s tarnished reputation is also extremely worrying as most dieters are looking for a brand of pill they can trust. Giving refunds for unopened bottles only, invented reviews and spam email marketing have the effect of making the manufacturers of Fenphedra appear extremely untrustworthy.

In conclusion, customers are advised not to waste their money on Fenphedra. There are many other brands of fat burners, which boast better results and better customer service records. There is absolutely no need to waste time and money on a mediocre pill such as this.

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