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Fucoxanthin caught my attention because Japanese researches claims that preliminary studies of this substance in animals revealed that it can target abdominal fat. It works toward UCP1 protein to increase the rate of burning the fat in abdominal area.

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Best Naturals #1 Fucoxanthin with Fucoplast Blend - 120 Capsules
  • May aid in weight Loss, with proper diet and regular exercise*
  • A powerful anti-oxidant which helps fight against free radical damage and helps support cellular health*
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Garden of Life Fucoxanthin Supplements - FucoThin Green Diet Pill for Weight Loss with Green Coffee Bean Extract, 90 Capsules
  • Powerful Clinically Studied Ingredients: fücoTHIN GREEN combines the fat burning power & glucose support of Xanthigen (Concentrated Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin plus Pomegranate Seed Oil) and Svetol (Naturally Decaffeinated Raw Green Coffee Bean Extract).
  • Two-in-One Weight Loss Support: fucoTHIN GREEN helps to make diet & exercise more effective with clinically studied, non-stimulant thermogenics: Xanthigen to naturally burn fat and increase metabolic rate, & Svetol to support healthy blood sugar levels.
SaleRecommendation No. 3
Garden of Life Fucoxanthin Supplements - FucoThin Diet Pill for Weight Loss, 180 Softgels
  • Clinically Effective: Clinically studied to help make diet & exercise more effective, fücoTHIN burns fat and naturally increases metabolic rate—with no jitters or lost sleep.
  • Proprietary Blend: One softgel provides 200mg of Xanthigen, a powerful combination of concentrated Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin with Pomegranate Seed Oil.

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Wow! If this is true, then Fucoxanthin may be the next most sought weight loss supplement market because we all know that unwanted fat in human are generally located in the abdomen. And it is a fact that as we age, our metabolism is slowing down hence; we are more prone to accumulate fat in our tummy area.

But what is Fucoxanthin? Is this safe? Fucoxanthin substance is basically extracted in edible brown seaweeds such as wakame which is the seaweed used in miso soup (a pleasantly sour soup that is common is many Asian countries). We can also extract small amounts of Fucoxanthin from red seaweeds (the one used in my favourite Japanese delicacy called sushi).

And since Fucoxanthin is basically derived from edible material, I assume that weight loss pill made from Fucoxanthin is relatively safe.

Additional studies in Fucoxanthin also revealed that it can improve the production of DHA in the body which is important in our heart and brain functions. So watch out for more researches about this promising weight loss supplement!

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