HCG Platinum X-30

HCG Platinum X-30HCG Platinum X-30 is a thirty day weight loss product designed around the idea that HCG can suppress appetite and stimulate your body to burn fat. HCG is a hormone found in both men and women, but it’s produced in larger amounts in women who are pregnant.

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HCG Platinum X-30 Review – Does HCG Platinum X-30 Burn Fat?

According to the makers of HCG Platinum X-30, when you combine the fat burner with a low calorie diet, you’ll lose weight fast. Since HCG Platinum X-30 “suppresses your appetite”, it should be easier for you to follow a low calorie diet, which is usually a big challenge for dieters.

Does HCG Platinum X-30 Have HCG?

HCG Platinum X-30 does not have actual HCG in it. However, the manufacturer of this fat burner used to use the hormone in their product; until the FDA put a stop to this.

HCG has become a controlled substance, and it can only be used in prescription drugs that are regulated by the FDA. (I’m not sure if there are any prescription drugs with HCG).

Although they can no longer use HCG, the manufacturer still believes the hormone can help promote weight loss and appetite suppression. So, they’ve formulated HCG Platinum X-30 with the amino acids your body would produce if it had HCG.

HCG Platinum X-30 Ingredients

In every serving of HCG Platinum X-30, there is a 100 mg amino acid blend with these ingredients:

L-proline, L-cysteine, L-arginine, L-valine, L-serine, L-threonine, L-leucine, L-glutamine, L-lysine, L-aspartic acid, L-glutamic acid, L-alanine, L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, L-asparagine, L-glycine, L-isoleucine, L-histidine, and L-methionine.

HCG Platinum X-30 Also Has A 240 mg Blend Of The Following Weight Loss Ingredients:

  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Caffeine
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine
  • L-ornithine
  • Wild yam root extract
  • Chaste tree berry extract
  • Black cohosh root extract
  • Dong quai root extract

The only ingredients I could find clinical weight loss studies for are caffeine and green tea leaf extract (contains caffeine). These ingredients have the ability to speed up the rate with which your body burns fat. But to be effective, each ingredient needs to be used in a dose of at least 200 mg. I don’t know how much HCG Platinum X-30 has, but there’s no way it could have this much.

How to Use It

HCG Platinum X-30 comes in a 2 Fl. Oz. bottle with a dropper. You’re supposed to take 1 ml or half a dropper in 8-10 ounces of water twice a day. The best time to take these doses is before a meal.

The Taste

Some said HCG Platinum X-30 didn’t taste like anything. A few said it tasted like “nail polish remover”. If you’re worried about the taste, you could try adding it to juice or yogurt to mask the flavour.

What Are HCG Platinum X-14 and HCG Platinum?

HCG Platinum X-14 has the same ingredients as HCG Platinum X-30, but it lasts for 14 days instead of 30.HCG Platinum was the original product made by this company, but it was banned by the FDA because it contained HCG. This led the company to make HCG Platinum X-30 an HCG-free fat burner.

Is HCG Platinum X-30 Better Than HCG Platinum?

According to Kevin Wright (president of HCG Platinum Ltd.), the company and consumers are seeing more success with their new products. Apparently, this is because, instead of using another person’s hormones, HCG Platinum X-30 stimulates the body to produce the same effects as the hormone HCG. Wright says this is supposed to be more effective, natural, and safer.

Does HCG Platinum X-30 Cause Side Effects?

HCG Platinum X-30 has a natural formula of ingredients which are generally considered to be safe. Most consumer reviews I read didn’t mention side effects, but a few did.

One person said they lost their appetite and became nauseous because of how badly HCG Platinum X-30 tasted. Another user said she had to stop using HCG Platinum X-30 because it gave her anxiety and altered her mood negatively.

Since most users don’t experience side effects, chances that new users will experience them are slim, but there’s still a chance.

Is HCG Platinum X-30 Worth Using?

Based on my research, I’m not confident that HCG Platinum X-30 deserves to be called “one of the best fat burners”. I couldn’t find research to support the purported benefits of most of the ingredients used in the formula and I’m not sure if HCG Platinum X-30 has effective doses or not. This product is also very expensive and it doesn’t come guaranteed.

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