Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia was founded 70 years ago in Africa. Originally, Hoodia Gordonii came from Kalahari Desert. This plant is natural and it’s clinically proven to work as an appetite suppressant.

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In fact, Hoodia Gordonii is the best appetite suppressant ingredient. However, some weight loss experts (such as Consumer Lab) have rejected to approve this pill as one of the safe and effective weight loss products even though many people claim that actually Hoodia has worked well for them.

Many Hoodia Gordonii sellers are not selling the real product. This genuinity problem has been hanging in the air since a long time ago. For the real and genuine product, go here.

Why it is happening? According to expert doctors, Hoodia Gordonii plant needs at least 3-5 months to reach its maximum potential. So I want to say that actually it’s completely uneasy to find the real Hoodia nowadays. The demand for Hoodia is too high so the retailers sell fake Hoodia products. They don’t want to lose their customers.

Hoodia ever tried to make a revolution to save its brand; they called their new brand as “Hoodia Gordonii Plus”. But history repeats itself.

Irresponsible people sell fake Hoodia Gordonii Plus just because they want to make money, online and offline. This plague won’t stop unless Hoodia plants can grow faster.

Basics of Hoodia Weight Loss:

Hoodia weight loss is only about suppressing the appetite and nothing else. Neither does it add nutrients to a diet lacking in the same, nor does it address the complex and subjective issue of overeating.

Hoodia diet pills are not a food supplement. If your diet is lacking in a particular food group, hoodia diet pills cannot supplement it.

If you are prone to overeating when you are not hungry (emotional eating), it is not going to help that either.

If you experience any one of the above conditions, it is better that you address these issues first before purchasing hoodia weight loss pills.

How Will Hoodia Weight Loss Work For Me?

Your body- more specifically, your muscles, burn fat even while you rest. Fat burning, energy expenditure, or burning calories is the outcome of your body’s metabolism. The following fact may surprise you, but the maximum fat loss occurs when you are sleeping!

Let me explain this elaborately; your body expends energy during digestion as well as during routine activity, because of the increase in the body’s metabolic rate. Even then, the digestive process does not take long, and you can’t be involved in physical activity all day long either, can you? You thus burn more calories while resting, which is what you take to at least a couple of hours every day.

The next aspect that affects your metabolic rate is high or low basal metabolic rate, which depends on volume to surface ratio; namely, the leaner you are, the more fat you burn. Lean muscle ensures a healthy volume to surface ratio.

Hoodia diet pills do not build muscle, which means that hoodia weight loss is successful and complete only when it is accompanied by two of the most important aspects of weight loss: a balanced diet and exercise.

Hoodia diet pills are but one part of the bigger picture. Use them if you find it difficult to resist overeating, or if you want to eat moderately.

This, however, is not an attempt to reject hoodia weight loss. Many dieters have found it to be extremely useful in the long run. The important thing is to not get carried away by stupendous claims and maintain unrealistic expectations of hoodia supplements.


Hoodia Gordonii Plus works great but only if you buy the real one. Because there are not many real Hoodia on the market, you should be very careful with your choice. I think Hoodia is extremely good. Hoodia Gordonii Plus and Hoodia Maxx are both suppliers of real Hoodia Gordonii, directly imported from Africa.

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