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How Important Is Fat Loss Evaluation?

How Important Is Fat Loss Evaluation

The true measure of success is the results that we have achieved from utilizing problem solving. Every morning, men would evaluate their skills in shaving using a tool called mirror or a wife perhaps. The feedback that the mirror or the wife provides lets us know if we need to redo the process or find other ways to achieve a more satisfactory result.

The same course is followed in fitness. However, the mirror or the wife may provide subjective evaluations. Biases would usually colour subjective evaluations. An evaluation is good only if it reflects unbiased, objective and truthful results.

Numerous ways may be utilized in order to measure fat loss. The best way to measure progress is through body composition testing. Other people’s comments are considered as feedbacks. There are stories in mirrors and photographs. You will have an idea on how far you have reached in your fat loss goals through measurements, clothing sizes and the way clothes fit you.

Not all feedback methods though are one hundred percent reliable. Most of the time, subjective and objective assessments don’t have the concluding agreement. The reason behind this is that subjective evaluations are influenced by other people’s biases and preconceptions. Though this may be so, the more evaluation tools you have, the better you’ll be able to assess your progress.

Subjective methods of evaluating fat loss include your own opinion when you look at yourself in the mirror. Depending on who is looking at it, photographs can be subjective. Others opinions, though sometimes unsolicited are also subjective. They may be coloured by biases and preconceptions but these evaluation methods have value, too. You have to use them to your advantage however you should confirm them with more objective evaluation tools.

Body fat percentage, skin fold thickness and total body weight, lean body mass and fat weights are all objective methods of fat loss evaluation. Total body weight though is a less specific method as it measures water, muscle and fat weights.

You may also measure fat loss using clothing sizes and the way clothes fit you however this is only up to a certain extent. The most accurate evaluation of body fat levels are methods that measure body composition like lean body mass and fat weight measurements.

All feedback methods are useful. If you want to be in your best shape, you can hardly be indifferent to the opinions of other people or the thickness of your body fat measurement. The honesty with which each feedback is given is important. Mirrors do lie and wives often see their husbands through rose tinted glasses.

We should opt for true and objective evaluation when it comes to fat loss. After all, we want to lose fat for ourselves and for the people who matter most in our lives.

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