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How To Burn Fat?

How To Burn Fat

This is a site that dedicated to reviewing optimum fat loss programs and offers tips and tricks to speed your own fat burning. If something works or doesn’t work I’ll tell you straight away.

Tip #1: Don’t Do Loads of Crunches, Do All Over Body Exercises Instead

There are far too many so called ‘experts’ out there that tell you that in order to burn fat and get a flat stomach or six pack abs you have to do loads of crunches or sit-ups, some even still say that you have to train at low intensities for more than 2 hours per day. This is out of date stuff.

All those lean ripped models and actors you see are performing short-sharp all over body workouts, yes crunches are part of the programme but they are a small part.

You will get more fat burning and metabolism raising benefits by performing exercises like dead lifts or the barbell clean/squat/push and press.

Tip #2: Do a Mix of Resistance and Cardio Training and Eat Clean Foods to Keep Your Metabolism High

Yes, the key to raising your metabolism and to keeping it there is to mix things up in order to optimally burn fat fast. It is better to train at high intensities for shorter periods than to go long and slow.

Remember, long slow workouts will do nothing to keep your metabolism really high. But High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sends your metabolism into high gear, burning body fat for many hours after your workout.

So, include resistance/weight training, a mix of high intensity interval and yes, low intensity cardio workouts on separate days.

When it comes to burning fat fast I don’t like using the term diet, as it usually means torturing yourself with either starvation or just plain rubbish and boring foods that leave you hungry and back to square one at the end of it all too (In my research I have tried pretty much all of them including expensive fat loss supplements and have seen no results).

The simple secret to fat loss is to simply ‘eat clean’ foods, just include more daily lean protein such as eggs, poultry, beef, fish and pulses, but also include fibrous carbohydrates such as root vegetables and salad greens and avoid all processed fast foods and partially hydrogenated oils.

You can include a cheat meal (a little of what you like) once per week and even that will work in your favour, so yes you can cheat and still lose body fat.

So, remember this important term when working towards your fat loss goals – ‘you cannot out-train a bad diet!’

Tip #3: Follow the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Program

In my review I always recommend that you adjust to a new lifestyle rather than make quick changes that have you reverting back to bad habits, so with Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle program don’t just buy it but really commit it.

If you have a copy then you’ll already know that that the guidelines are easy to follow, the fat loss workouts are short but really effective, and the science behind the fat burning nutrition (not a diet!) keeps your blood sugar levels in the optimum fat burning zone which turns your body into a fat burning furnace. Follow Tom Venuto’s simple step by step guide and you will see excellent fat burning results. I certainly did.

This is probably the most important of the three tips by the way, because if it hadn’t been for The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program, I’d still only be dreaming about being lean and having six pack abs..

So, there you have it, my three biggest tips on how to burn fat fast. Follow them and you’ll be well on your way to a lean fat free body and six pack abdominals.

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