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How To Cleanse Your Colon The Right Way?

How To Cleanse Your Colon The Right Way

Colon cleansing is without a doubt one of the new popular health fads of today but when you look into it a little closer you’ll realize it’s not a temporary hit: colon cleansing is real and your body does need it to stay fit and healthy. Of course now that it’s popular you’ll discover so many guides showing different ways how to cleanse your colon.

For your safety it is recommended to only do this the right way. There are mainly three ways of cleansing the colon and all three are laid in detail below:

#1 Change in Diet

The less toxins and filthy food you eat, the less your colon will have to clean out. A colon cleansing diet entails eating a lot of wheat and other fibre-enriched meals. This is because fibre is a natural colon cleanser.

There are also essential oils that you’ll want to include in your diet since they naturally work to flush out toxins. Some examples of these are flax seeds, olive leaf extract, and peppermint.

#2 Change in Lifestyle

Working out also helps your colon. There are Yoga exercises and mild stretching routines that help the colon sit into a proper position for optimal function. There hasn’t been a lot of study on this but if there is one thing to take from it is that exercise is good for a lot of other reasons so why skip out on it?

A change in lifestyle also requires major changes in your habits: it involves reducing unhealthy food (as suggested by #1), you’ll need to quit smoking and alcohol drinking, and you’ll need to develop healthier sleeping habits as well. All of these factors in your overall health and that include your colon.

#3 Colon Irrigation

If you’ve seen how an enema works then colon irrigation will sound similar. An enema is actually a lower type of colon irrigation process but the real deal is a lot more expensive. It also takes more time.

Colon irrigation in a hospital requires a doctor to insert a pump into the colon itself. Afterwards, cleaning solutions and water will be thoroughly rinsed through and then naturally flushed out (through normal bowel movement) until the process is done. Naturally, this takes time and can be quite uncomfortable.

#4 Colon Cleansing Supplements

Then there are colon cleansing supplements. You’ll find a lot of these but you need to be careful. Many of them carry harmful ingredients that could deal side effects and others are empty placebo products that don’t have anything in them.

There are some excellent colon cleansing supplements, however. One such example is Digest It. It carries many of the natural essential oils that healthy diets focus on but it contains them in higher, more concentrated doses so you get all the colon cleansing elements instantly. With no artificial ingredients it also counts as one of the safest options in the market as well.

Learning how to cleanse your colon is essential for better health. It helps you lose weight, stay away from diseases, and have normal bowel movement. With this guide you can derive the best way to cleanse your colon, particularly with a healthy diet, a good supplement, and new changes to your lifestyle.

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