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How To Know About Colon Cleansers And How They Work?

How To Know About Colon Cleansers And How They Work

When we say colon cleansing we are talking of detoxification. It involves the process of reaching deep into the layers of the colon and cleaning it out. If you are suffering from constipation then a colon cleanse can also help out. Undertaking a colon cleanse can contribute a lot of health benefits but you need to know first how colon cleansers work.

Tip #1: Know the Reason for Colon Cleansing

A digestive system that functions properly eliminates unused food materials that are not absorbed by the body. Eating great amounts of fibre and drinking a lot of water together with clean dietary habits help maintain a healthy colon which functions well.

But, if you eat too much of the wrong types of foods for a long period of time then this will interfere with the body’s ability to eliminate unused food properly. As a result, this will not only slow down the digestive process but also causes the undigested foods to cling on the walls of the colon.

The longer the improper dietary habits, the slower the digestion becomes and the more faecal matters attached to the wall of the colon. This will become thick after sometime which builds up layers of toxic materials. All of these can only be removed by a colon cleanse.

Tip #2: Know about Colon Cleansing Products

There are different kinds of colon cleansing products that are sold in the market. One may choose from either a homemade combination of herbs and health products, or can buy a commercial product. Before buying one, one should research about the ingredients being used for colon cleansing. Be aware that “all natural” products can have harmful side effects like synthetic drugs.

Tip #3: It is Important to Make a Research to Enjoy the Benefits

You have to research not only the ingredients but also the reputation of the company selling the product if you are going to buy commercial products. Be aware of some claims for an overnight result and other unrealistic results. These are not true indeed.

To remove the layers of toxins and faecal matter that had built up along the walls of the colon takes time. It took years for these toxins to develop so they cannot be removed overnight. The truth is it will take several weeks to undo the damage.

Tip #4: Take Note of Colon Cleansing Benefits

Colon cleansing will not only speed up the digestion process but will also improve the ability of the body to efficiently absorb nutrients from the food you eat. After colon cleansing, a lot of people with some conditions like acne, constipation, excessive gas and abdominal girth said that these have all disappeared.

Tip #5: Learn about Fasting

Fasting is the most common method for colon cleansing but this can only be done after consulting a professional nutritionist or a naturopath. A fasting regimen includes drinking of water that helps in the cleansing process. Fasting allows the body enough time to get rid of those impurities and waste matters in the colon through the process of excretion.

Tip #6: Know about Juice Fasting

Another method is juice fasting. This can be easier for the body since juices contain nutrients which keeps the body going and at the same time allowing the toxins to be removed naturally.

Tip #7: Know about Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is performed by a holistic medical doctor, naturopathic physician or an herbalist. This is the process of flushing out the stools that are left in the colon with the use of a tube or nozzle inserted directly into the rectum and uses cleansing water or other cleansing solutions that contain herbs. Colonic like enema is very powerful.

The use of the above methods according to The Association and register of Colon Hydro therapists, allows the colon to regenerate and work less. These at the same time promote more energy, decrease stress, improve concentration, strengthen the immune system, and alleviate bloating too. These things prove that colon cleansers do work.

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