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How To Know What To Expect When Cleansing The Colon?

How To Know What To Expect When Cleansing The Colon

The colon is one important part of the body. It helps the body to become free of the waste it does not need to give space for more food. Because of the different foods that people eat everyday it is possible for the colon to be clogged with artificial compounds, sugars and fats.

In case that the colon is clogged, it cannot work properly thus the body is unable to eject waste which then causes serious health defects and that includes cancer. It is necessary then to cleanse the colon but of course you also have to know what to expect from the process.

Tip #1: Know the Types of Cleansing

Colon cleansing ranges from organic to chemical and from flushes to diets. Some are safer than the others. The two most common types of cleansing are supplement-based and irrigation-based. The supplement based cleansing process makes use of specific minerals and chemicals or some specific foods such as those high in fibre or diuretics to clean and completely empty the colon.

Irrigation-based colon cleansing process, on the other hand, is done by filling the colon with water through a tube which is inserted in the rectum. Water is pushed into the colon and will be released through bowel movements when the tube is removed.

Tip #2: Know about Bowel Movements

The most common effect of a colon cleanse is an increase in bowel movements. With the use of an irrigation-based cleanse, one may experience a sudden and fast bowel movement with the feeling that you need to have another one until all the cleansing liquid had all gone.

With the use of a supplement or food-based cleansing process, the frequency of your bowel movement will increase slowly. Frequent bouts of diarrhoea will also be experienced. During colon cleanse you should cancel all your long distance trips so that you may have easy access to the restroom.

Tip #3: Know about Gastrointestinal Side Effects

When going through a colon cleanse, expect to have some gastrointestinal side effects. After irrigation cleanse, you may experience a bloated feeling or lingering gas. While in a supplement or food-based cleanse, expect to have stomach ache, some nausea and you will also experience cramps.

Tip #4: Know about Other Effects

Other serious side effects that are expected from some colon cleanses especially herbal cleanses are bloody diarrhoea as well as discoloured urine and liver toxicity. In this case, you should contact your medical practitioner as this may have caused damage to your colon.

Tip #5: Know about Hydration

Cleansing involves large amount of water from your system to flush out your colon. Therefore you need to stay hydrated to help the cleansing procedure and also to avoid dehydration.

Tip #6: Know about Mood Changes

In cleansing the colon, your body will experience some changes. There are also physical side effects that the cleanse causes. Because of this, you will experience a drastic change in mood. If you are having fasting while cleansing, you will have a mood change that has something to do with the withdrawal from the foods and drinks you usually ingest.

Some people may feel stressed or depressed during colon cleansing. It is important then to engage in meditation or have other relaxation techniques to relax your mind and body.

A lot of colon cleansing causes your body to eject all beneficial chemicals and bacteria which your colon needs to regulate itself. Removing these important organisms from your body will leave you susceptible to further colon problems.

Performing the irrigation style of colon cleansing on your own will allow you to introduce some harmful bacteria into your body if the equipment you use is not totally clean. There is also a possibility that you will puncture the colon if you are not careful enough.

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