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How You Can Effectively Cleanse Your Colon?

How You Can Effectively Cleanse Your Colon

Colon cleansing has gained much popularity in detoxification and in maintaining a system free from harmful wastes and toxins such as free radicals. The metabolism of your body may leave the blood with certain breakdown products that when allowed to stay in your system can cause certain diseases. Also, when faecal matter stays longer in the colon, it may give way to bacterial and parasite growth.

1. Colon Cleanse Herbs

These are natural substances used to facilitate the normal mechanism of the body in getting rid of harmful substances. They are made into oral supplements that can aid in colon cleansing. They promote bowel movement which is the body’s natural process of detoxification.

2. Laxatives

They are made into commercial laxatives used for colon cleansing. Some of these agents are cascara sagrada and anthraquinones. Though they are said to cause certain side effects, anthraquinones have the property to enhance the elimination of faecal matter and accumulated matter inside your colon.

3. Colonics vs. Enemas

Both are therapies which involve the introduction of water through the rectum which aim to cleanse your colon. However, there are certain key differences that separate a colonic from an enema. Colonics work on the whole length of the large intestine while enemas do the cleansing at the lower portion including the descending and the sigmoid colon.

4. Colonics

Colonics use multiple infusions with water while enemas use a single infusion with water to the said organ. Also, a tube may be used in doing the more thorough cleansing of the colon (colonics). You may not smell nor see the accumulated matter from your large bowel because of the use of a tube that irrigates and facilitate the excretion of the solution.

After the session, you may use the toilet to eliminate the residuals of the irrigated fluid including the stools. Colonics must be done by a colon hydro therapist. This requires professional equipment.

5. Enema

Enema may use a one-time infusion with water. This method irrigates the lower portion of your colon which takes a certain length of time. After several minutes, you may use the toilet to facilitate the passage of the irrigated solution and the faecal matter. This is done by a trained professional using a single-use enema kit that can be bought from drugstores.

How Can You Effectively Cleanse Your Colon?

There are several options that can be used in colon cleansing. The use of colonics and enema are examples to these. These methods literally wash the large intestines by irrigating the organ with temperature-regulated and filtered water.

Substances that can be used in these procedures are bifidonate bacteria, coffee, therapeutic soaps, peppermint, olive oil and lavender oils. These approaches in colon cleansing may be done in a clinic such as a hydrotherapy office or even at your home through an enema series. The use of herbs through an oral supplement may give you ease in enhancing bowel movement and excreting toxins in the body.

Learn more about other methods of colon cleansing. You know very well that maintaining your body free from harmful toxins and cancer-causing free radicals spares you from having diseases that may compromise your over-all health. By understanding the health benefits of colon cleansing, you may deem this method of detoxification a vital step towards having a healthy colon and a healthy body as well.

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