Hydroxycut Hoodia

Hydroxycut Hoodia is a dietary supplement that contains the all natural appetite suppressing powers of the Hoodia Gordonii plant.

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What About Hoodia?

It’s certainly a popular weight loss pill ingredient so it must be good, right? Wrong! Even though hoodia has received a lot of attention from the media, it is far from delivering on its promises.

In order to receive the appetite suppressing benefits of hoodia, you would need to chew on the root. There are no studies that conclusively prove hoodia to be successful at suppressing appetite when taken in supplement form.

Is Hydroxycut Hoodia Effective?

The 800 mg proprietary blend includes quite a few ingredients. Some of which are even known to reduce appetite and increase fat burning potential.

Green tea is one of the most well known ingredients. Studies have shown that it can boost metabolism. However, to achieve these results you would need about 400 mg.

To suppress your appetite, glucomannan is included. This proven ingredient holds 200 times its weight to fill your stomach without adding to your daily calorie count. Between one and two grams are needed.

If you’re keeping track of the amounts of each ingredient you would need you can see that we have already far surpassed the 800 mgs they use! And that’s only with two ingredients!!

There are about eight ingredients in this formula and unfortunately, Hydroxycut Hoodia cannot possibly have enough of each ingredient to produce the promised results.

Does Hydroxycut Hoodia Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Hydroxycut does not offer a guarantee on their products. In fact, they do not even sell them on the official website. Depending on where you purchase them you could get a guarantee but check that carefully so you don’t end up wasting your money when it doesn’t work.

Overall Value

If you are looking for a strong appetite suppressant in your weight loss pill Hydroxycut Hoodia is probably not the best option. It’s good to see that they included some proven ingredients but the amounts cannot possibly be enough to lead to sustainable results.

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