As you probably know, HydroxyStim is manufactured by MuscleTech, the Canadian-based Corporation responsible for the whole line-up of Hydroxycut products.

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HydroxyStim – Fat Burner Reviews

The Company Behind HydroxyStim

Hydroxycut is famous for being affordable a moderately effective, but MuscleTech itself has somewhat of a coloured history. It once used ephedra in their diet pills, despite widespread evidence that this ingredient was dangerous. One woman even died while taking a MuscleTech product due to the effects of a rapid heartbeat. She was just 26 years old.

Even though MuscleTech has been forced to take their ephedra-based products off the market, it still continues to insist that ephedra is not dangerous.

“MuscleTech is confident that the evidence in these cases will establish that its products were researched and tested by leading academics and professional researchers and that all of its products are safe and effective when used in accordance with directions,” said company lawyer Thomas Ringe.

MuscleTech has also undergone a recall after an independent study found 17 cases of liver damage in Hydroxycut users, and a lawsuit for false advertising after stating that Hydroxycut was “clinically proven” to be a “fat burner.” So you see that even though a company is well established, it does not mean that company is credible, reliable, or worth going into business with.

Ingredients In HydroxyStim

HydroxyStim contains just five ingredients, but that isn’t a reason to dismiss the product quite yet. Simple blends can often be the most effective, as they allow for enough room for each ingredient to be included in its proper dosage. Let’s see if that’s the case with HydroxyStim.

Geranium Extract (177mg) is better known in the weight loss world as dimethylamylamine, or DMAA. DMAA was originally used as a nasal decongestant, but today it has made its way into bodybuilding and weight loss supplements for its ability to build lean muscle mass. It is the subject of an FDA ban, however, which makes the future of HydroxyStim—at least in this incarnation—uncertain.

Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg) is a form of caffeine that is devoid of excess water, which is thought to make the ingredient more effective. Caffeine works as a mild stimulant to get the central nervous system going, which in turn boosts metabolism and increases fat burning.

It also works as a diuretic to get rid of water weight, which will result in initial weight loss to help you get started.

Deanol Bitartate (17mg) is a chemical that enhances communication from the brain to other areas of the body. It is said to improve exercise performance by increasing focus when used alongside ginseng, vitamins, and minerals, but these ingredients are not present in the HydroxyStim formula.

Yohimbe Extract (40mg) is another stimulant. It improves circulation, which makes it possible for more nutrients to travel to the muscles and increase lean mass while you are losing weight. It is also said to boost athletic performance. It’s most well-known and most documented use, however, is as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Huperzine Extract (13mcg) is a purified substance from Chinese club moss. So strong that it is often considered a drug, huperzine has been tested for treating Alzheimer’s disease. At any rate, however, there is a sufficient evidence to support its use in preventing muscle weakness. This will help improve recovery time during your workouts.

HydroxyStim’s “Super-Concentrated” Formula, And What That Means

Part of the hype surrounding HydroxyStim is that the above-mentioned formula makes for a “super-concentrated thermo-stimulant.” “Thermo-stimulant” is marketing speak, which basically means the formula is designed to stimulate your central nervous system through thermogenic ingredients—which is actually the case here, as we’ll get to in a minute.

But what does it mean to be concentrated? Here, a concentrated formula means there is a high volume of fat burners compared to the overall formula. That means no filler ingredients, just pure fat burning. Of course, this makes the formula more effective, but it could also lead to stronger side effects, which brings me to my next point.

HydroxyStim Side Effects

Every diet pill will at least cause some side effects in some users, so let’s see what you should be prepared for while taking HydroxyStim.

DMAA is perhaps the most dangerous of all ingredients in HydroxyStim. It is considered unsafe by WebMD and has been the subject of a recent ban by the FDA. When taken orally, DMAA can cause rapid heartbeat, increase in blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

Caffeine Anhydrous may be effective as a weight loss-inducing stimulant, but it can also induce nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, headache, and nausea. For these reasons, we do not recommend you take HydroxyStim within five hours of bedtime.

Ordering HydroxyStim

If you do decide that this is the product for you, HydroxyStim can be found for between $19.99 and $57.95 online or in stores. The best deals will probably be online, but know that you will have to pay shipping and wait for it to arrive, whereas purchasing Hydroxycut products through Walmart is easier and doesn’t include hidden fees.

Each bottle contains 100 capsules, and at the maximum dosage of three capsules daily, it should last you about three months. This is a fairly good deal for a fat burner. However, I do not recommend that you take this high of a dosage—start small, as HydroxyStim is very powerful.

Our Recommendation

HydroxyStim has some ingredients that are positively correlated with weight loss, but many of the ingredients amounts are wrong, and it seems that the resulting side effects will outweigh the benefit.

A toned body isn’t worth the price of your health. I would ask that you look for another product that is less likely to interfere with your cardiovascular health, even if you have to pay a little more to get it.

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