Isagenix comes with three main products: a 30 day system and two variants of a 9 day system. The supplements are described as nutritional cleanse products, and come in chocolate and vanilla flavours. The systems are designed to help establish a healthy routine to eliminate the toxins from your system.

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Ingredient information couldn’t be found and our requests via email for an ingredients list were not answered after nearly a week of waiting, so we have to assume that Isagenix is working with a “proprietary” formula.

Pros & Cons

If you are looking for an entire system with easy to follow steps, then Isagenix has it covered. They don’t sell a single supplement, but an entire system that provides you with supplements, snacks, cleansing liquids, and more. If you need that kind of hand holding when on your weight loss program, then you will benefit from the systems designed by Isagenix.

The con, though, is that the product is ridiculously expensive. Unless you are someone with a celebrity salary, you aren’t going to be able to afford the nearly four hundred dollar price tag associated with the thirty day supply.

We can’t imagine what ingredients could be in this product to make it worth so much, but one of our interns suspects it might be cleansing your colon with gold flakes. Anything is possible!

Safety / Side Effects

As a full system, the side effects go far beyond the typical diarrhoea; vomiting, cramps and anal mucus build-up associated with colon cleanse programs. The best thing to do would be consult your physician before proceeding with usage.

Customer Satisfaction

We didn’t find much information from customers with actual experience with this product, but there were many testimonials on the website. Of course, just like other cleanse products, these were mostly provided by trained and paid actors based on written testimonials provided by real customers. But the overall level of secrecy used by this company leads us to question the validity of these statements.

With the excessive price tag and the lack of any verifiable information about the product, we cannot provide a positive recommendation on this product. Look elsewhere if you are looking for an affordable, open approach to cleansing.

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