There are many patented ingredients in Leangenix that have weight loss properties. The main component of Leangenix is 7-Keto that mainly works to increase the metabolism rate of the body and can therefore, burn fat very effectively and safely.

Where To Buy?

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Is Leangenix Clinically Proven?

No. It does contain some clinically proven ingredients though. One common trick used by supplement companies is called a proprietary blend. They publish the amount of ingredients as a whole, but don’t disclose the amount of each.

This allows them to tout the benefits of certain ingredients without putting in the proper amounts. To be fair, some companies do this to protect their formulas.

Is Leangenix Worth It?

The hassle of cancelling the free trial alone makes Leangenix not worth trying. Generally, if a product has a guarantee, it’s worth trying.

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