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The Lemonade Diet ingredients are all natural which means there are no harmful chemicals to cause any adverse health effects. After cleansing, the digestive system is fine tuned to allow the system to better absorb nutrients from the food and prepare the remnants to be flushed from the system rather than build in the system and create an unhealthy digestive system. Cleansing the body also improves the immune system to help the body better fight germs and bacteria build-up.

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Who doesn’t like a cool refreshing glass of lemonade? It is sweet and tart at the same time and is the beverage that can literally hit the spot on a warm summer day. The Lemonade Diet is a weight loss plan is a simple plan to follow and is an easier way to lose weight than it is with some other weight loss plans.

The Lemonade Diet was developed in the 1940’s by weight loss specialists who wanted a way to remove bodily toxins while losing weight at the same time. The Lemonade Diet is based on the Master Cleanse Diet. It is a combination of lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixed with distilled water.

The diet is based on 14 days of use, which is a fast, and cleanses the body of fat and toxin deposits. The Master Cleanse components was put into a supplement and taken daily, along with a low calorie diet that results in weight loss. An exercise program will help optimize weight loss, along with a menu made up of healthy, low calorie choices.

One of the benefits of the Lemonade Diet and weight loss is the energy that is accrued because of the weight loss. More energy leads to more activity and more weight loss. Losing weight also reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The Lemonade Diet plan, an exercise plan and healthy meal plans will work together to help a weight loss participant to lose unwanted weight while cleansing their body. The toxins that build in the body collect in the intestines and colon and can play havoc with a person’s health. Sometimes the toxins can block the ability to lose weight efficiently and permanently.

Weight loss participants who have followed the Lemonade Diet have reported success with the plan. They lost weight efficiently and felt much better for being pounds lighter. The Lemonade Diet is a 14 day diet, but it can also be used long term to maintain the weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

What Is the Lemonade Diet?

The Lemonade Fasting Diet is a very popular detoxification program that many believe is a great way to relieve one’s body of multiple cravings, such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

It is not scientifically proven that the Lemonade Fasting Diet has this detoxification power, even though many believe that the diet causes the body to entirely clean out, or detox, many organs such as the colon and intestine.

It is proven, however, that the diet has the definite ability to help in achieving weight loss. This is due to the fact that during the Lemonade Fasting Diet, much fewer calories are consumed. This can lead to a dramatic loss in weight.

During the diet, no solid food is consumed, unless you use the lemonade diet pill with plan you get to eat and don’t have to starve yourself. This ensures that you lose fat, and not muscle.

Otherwise, the only thing that enters the body during the traditional Lemonade Fasting Diet is the lemonade mixture itself as well as lots and lots of water. The lemonade mixture is a combination of fresh lemons, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and a laxative tea.

The Lemonade Diet Recipe and Ingredients

Lemonade diet ingredients are all healthy, natural, and inexpensive which lends to the popularity of this trendy but effective cleansing regimen. People who say that losing two pounds a day is too good to be true must not understand the dedication that this diet requires.

Anybody planning to partake in this program will be sticking to three beverages with nothing else to supplement the diet. These three drinks in combination will flush toxins and melt away weight away. The ingredients all work wonders and each drink plays a specific role in the diet process.

You will need ample supplies of cayenne pepper powder and grade B organic maple syrup. You will want to begin by buying a couple dozen fresh organic lemons – enough for 12 glasses of juice per day.

Keep in mind that each service of lemonade will contain two tablespoons of pure lemon juice (including pulp!) which will end up using lemons pretty quickly. You can juice your lemons by hand or juice them with an electric juicer, just make sure you drink it fresh!

The way you store your lemon juice and how much you make at a time will impact the effectiveness of the lemonade diet recipe. For instance, refrigerated lemons will not be effective at all, since enzymes are destroyed.

It is important to be informed of precise lemonade diet ingredients and instructions to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Substituting ingredients will nullify any beneficial aspects of the diet, but for people who have trouble with hunger can increase the amount of lemonade drinks per day. No loopholes, no excuses for success.

Saline Flush Ingredients

Pure sea salt and filtered water are all that are necessary for this critical component of the lemonade diet ingredients. The standard amount of salt for one glass of saline water is two teaspoons, but it may be adjusted to your specific needs. This part of the procedure is often done in the morning due to the fact that you will need to get to a restroom quickly.

This step is absolutely critical to the success of a lemonade diet and it’s helpful to just get it over with as soon as you wake up. Don’t make the mistake of doing this on a stomach filled with lemon juice – an empty stomach will make the process much easier.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea with a natural laxative is another staple component of the lemonade diet recipe and regimen. Not only will a nice cup of tea calm you down before bedtime, but it will help to make your morning flushing routine go much smoother.

Since there is no other source of fibre in the lemonade diet it is crucial to choose an herbal tea that contains enough. If you are still finding that you are not getting enough fibre, the only cheat available in this diet happens to be non-caffeinated herbal tea which can be used to supplement any vitamins or minerals you may need.

How Does The Lemonade Diet Cleanse The Body?

The short answer to this question is that the lemonade diet cleanses your body by cleansing the blood stream and eliminating toxins from deep tissue and vital organs. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C and potassium but it is also an astringent. This means that is causes the tissue in your body to contract, squeezing out the toxins that are affecting your health.

Since you are consuming only high amounts of liquid, your digestive organs are given a chance to relax. They can focus on what has been accumulating, instead of just breaking down what you have eaten for the day.

The lemonade diet helps to dissolve mucus throughout the body, which is great for bronchitis and sinus conditions. The cleansing power of lemon combined with cayenne pepper will help to clear out cholesterol deposits in your arteries.

Complete Lemonade Diet Instructions

Lemonade diet instructions are easy to follow and doing so is a great way to lose up to two pounds a day while cleansing your body of nasty toxins. However, when it comes to the lemonade diet following instructions carefully is extremely important to avoid the inevitable side-effects associated with improper dieting. We all want to lose weight and feel healthy but jumping into a plan without research may end with you gaining as much weight as you lost!


Consider how long you are going to be partaking in the lemonade diet program. Try to organize your schedule in such a way that you will not be performing any excessive labour. Of course, make it a point to cancel all dinner dates as you will inevitably miss food for the first couple of days.

Start making contact with a couple of people who will be sure to reassure you, and make sure that nobody is going to try to serve you food during the diet period. It also helps to prepare a nice area of your kitchen for juicing and mixing your daily lemonade.

We recommend trying out the diet for 3 days and see it how it goes. You can go all the way up to 10 days but this doesn’t have to be the case your very first time.

You can start slow and give it another go after several months for a longer period. You should never stay on the lemonade diet for more than 10 days and always make sure to consult with your personal doctor before giving it a try!

Begin mental preparation as determination is the key to success. Familiarize yourself with every rule in the lemonade diet instructions to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Reduce calorie consumption slowly to prepare your body for the effects of having no solid foods.

Eating plenty of grains, fruits, and vegetables should allow your body to adjust much easier. Cut out addictive substances like nicotine and caffeine well before you plan to begin, as they will simply add toxins to your body while it is working to flush what already exists.


You will want to be stocked up with important lemonade diet ingredients cayenne and grade B organic maple syrup, but the lemons to make the juice will need to be purchased day by day. Powdered or pre-squeezed juices will not work – naturally purging toxins from the body is the goal here and these products often contain preservatives and artificial flavourings.

You will be drinking between 6 and 12 glasses per day, or even more depending on your size and hunger level, so be prepared with lots of fresh ingredients!

You will also need to drink saline wash in the morning, and it will get your bowels moving! This can never be stressed enough – it will be a very unfortunate day for the person that drinks the saline before a very pressing engagement!

Some choose to drink the herbal tea in the morning, with their saline at night, or saline in the morning and tea at night. Follow the instructions carefully, but many people find good results by customizing the intake times to fit their schedule.

Ending the Diet

By the end of the long road of drinking lemonade, losing weight, and following lemonade diet instructions very carefully, you truly see the powerful results. You will feel rejuvenated, energized, and hungry way less often. Of course, you will want to ease back into food with soups and light vegetables.

Many people think they will crave a big juicy cheeseburger at the end of the journey but that may not be true. Chances are after feeling so pure and refreshed you will never want to pollute your body with unhealthy food choices ever again!

How Long Should I Do the Lemonade Fasting Diet?

It is recommended that the plan is followed for somewhere between 7 and 12 days to receive the full benefit. If you decide to partake in the diet, try and stay away from activities which include a lot of high stress action, such as weightlifting. Your body will not be able to handle the stress due to a lack of energy.

The special lemonade is actually an appetite suppressant, which means that you won’t be stuck craving your favourite dishes throughout the day.

Another possible concern of the Lemonade Fasting Diet is malnutrition. However, malnutrition is not an issue because each of the ingredients in the lemonade recipe is packed with rich sources of minerals and vitamins. To put it simply, the lemonade is food in liquid form.

Like any other diet, the Lemonade Fasting Diet WILL PROVIDE RESULTS only if you stick with the regimen.

What are the exact Cleansing and Healing benefits of being on the Lemonade Diet?

These are the wonderful benefits that you will experience as part of being on the Master cleanses diet…

  • A whole lot more energy
  • Your blood’s PH levels will become balanced
  • You will lose a lot of weight
  • You will reduce the pain and swelling that you may experience in everyday life
  • Many of the allergies that you experience will disappear
  • Your colon will be flushed out and be free from toxins
  • Your skin will be far clearer and so will your hair

Of course, every person is built different so every person’s experience with the master cleanse will be slightly different. So, one person may lose more weight than the other while another person may feel a lot more energetic than someone else… either way, you will end the lemonade diet feeling invigorated and like a completely new person.

Is The Lemonade Diet and The Master Cleanse The Same Thing?

The lemonade diet is essentially part of the master cleanse process. It is the part where you basically consume only a form of lemonade drink.

The diet part is true because it essentially means that you are stuck to eating one type of food (the lemonade in the case) for a certain period of time.

So, while the lemonade diet is a part of the overall Master Cleanse process, they are not one and the same. This is a large misconception that is often see these days and really needs to be cleared up.

The lemonade diet part is basically the part where you drink a lemon juice drink that contains Fresh lemon juice, High quality maple syrup, and organically produced Cayenne Pepper… or if you happen to be short for time or just can’t be bothered to make fresh batches of the lemonade every single day then you might want to check out the lemonade diet pills.

Here are the other parts of the Master Cleanse:

  • The initial Ease In phase
  • The Lemonade Diet
  • The Daily Salt Water Flush
  • The Ease Out phase
  • The After Cleanse Diet and lifestyle

The Lemonade Diet Side Effects

Most common side effects of Master Cleanse

Although the Lemonade diet (also referred as Beyonce or Mayple syrup) might help you achieve your weight loss goals fast, you should be aware of some unpleasant complications during the detoxification.

Some people say that they feel great and energized throughout a detoxification, however others complain of some health problems. These usually include nausea, stomach upsets, dizziness and headaches. All these are caused by a sudden shortage of proper nutrition because you’re basically not taking any food.

You should be aware that this diet is not advised for growing children, while being pregnant, after major traumas, surgeries and people who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

One of the most unpleasant feelings you will experience is of course hunger. Even though you are supposed to take a glass of lemonade when you are hungry due to lower amount of calorie intake you might not feel full for a very long time. And this might result in some hunger pains, which is pretty irritating.

Most commonly you will notice desire for unhealthy food like pizza, hamburgers and sort of sugary foods. However it usually last only for the first three or four days. Once you will go further into Master Cleanse these cravings will disappear.

Also after you finish lemon detox program it might be a bit difficult to control your eating habits, since you spend so many days without food. Uncontrolled eating after diet might not just eliminate all the results, but also extra weight might be added together with what you’d lost. So as it was mentioned before when you finish your diet’s program start eating with some easy foods like vegetable soup, fruits and vegetables.

The next negative effect to mention is fatigue. For the reason of lack of nutrition’s you’ll probably feel less energetic and get tired much faster. Since you might feel tired you might also notice more often mood swings.

Although you should keep in mind that due to the detox affect you will start feeling more energetic in the long-run once all the toxins from your body will be removed. While dieting lack of energy might get in a way of your daily routines so simply try to limit your daily activities or get more rest.

Due to detoxification effect you might also get some aches on your body. In order to avoid this issue you should drink more water. Some people also experience sores in their mouth due to lemons in the diet. If you want to avoid that you can also drink some water after each drink or simply use a straw while drinking the lemonade.

One more thing to mention is that having large quantities of maple syrup and lemon juice is equivalent to consuming a lot of sugar and acid. This may be hard on your teeth, so it might even add to the risk of your teeth decay.

If you are a heavy drinker of coffee or other caffeine products you might also experience some headaches. After you give up coffee the caffeine will start to withdraw from your body. Although these headaches are usually short term and disappears after a couple of days.

The last issue I would like to mention is that you’ll never want to be too far from a toilet. This is a bit inconvenient if you can’t stay at home while on the program. The cleanse causes very liquid and copious bowel movements. Constant toilet visits can also result in discomfort as well as break down of skin on your bottom. Often episodes of diarrhoea may also cause significant water loss, which if not compensated with enough lemonade drinks, might cause dehydration.

Common complications of dehydration include feeling dizzy and less energetic. Long term dehydration might even cause some more serious damage to your health. Therefore, it’s extremely important to watch your health while being on this program.

Although the list of possible side effects is quite big you should also keep in mind of the benefits of Master Cleanse. Most of these might even be called “wanted side effects”, since it shows that your body is healing and removing toxins from your system, which is one of the purposes of the lemonade diet in the first place.

Who Should Consult a Doctor?

Anybody who is interested in the lemonade diet to treat a pre-existing condition should always contact a medical professional. Children and teenagers should generally avoid any form of food deprivation including the lemonade cleanse. Seniors, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and anybody with a heart condition should take extra precaution before making such a radical change in diet.

Lemonade diet dangers can all be easily prevented by following careful instructions, getting advice from medical professionals, and always keeping health as a first priority.

Is There An Alternative To Master Cleanse?

If all these side effects sound a bit too much for you or you just want to achieve longer weight lost without extreme fasting there is an alternative, which is called Lemonade diet pills.

These pills have the same ingredients as original Master Cleanse, however, while taking them you will be able to eat according to included plan. An easy workout plan is also included. This will help you to get incredible results too, without any dangers to your health.

There are no negative effects associated with these pills. Some people often confuse “cleanse symptoms” with side effects of this supplement. These symptoms happen throughout the detoxification process and might come with temporary headaches as well as a general sick feeling.

However, it is only temporary and mostly the person will start feeling much better after a couple of days. Also, these side effects are not very common; most individuals don’t even experience them.

Last Words On Lemonade Diet

Lemonade diet has proven to have a lot more benefits than most other weight loss products on the market; because it does not leave any chemical traces in your body whatsoever, and it makes sure that it leaves your body clean and stronger than it was before.

When you look at the general function of the lemonade diet, you will see that you can use it to drop weight. As long as you are overweight, and have excess fats in your body, intake of this product will always help you drop a few ounces of fats everyday and with time, you will notice that you are actually reducing in size. What this weight loss product does is that it dissolves any fat in the blood vessels.

After you have used the product for some period of time you will get stronger physically because you don’t have to think about weight loss anymore because the lemonade diet will help you with that problem.

This product will help you with reaching your goal and it is widely used around the world. The other positive thing with lemonade diet is the fact that it makes your body healthier and stronger. The more lemonade you take, the healthier you will feel and look.

Lemonade diet will help you in so many ways, as it helps cleanse your bowels, hence less stomach problems as long as you are taking it. You are the only person who can take care of your body, and make maximum use of it and you will never regret it, and will live a much healthier life.

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