There is a weight loss pill called Lipovox, which we have recently received a number of questions about. It would seem that this is a very popular blend of 10 “Super Foods” prescribed by Dr. Perricone, the highly respected anti-aging guru.

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Dr. Perricone has his own PBS series on aging and weight loss and was recently featured on Oprah’s “How to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days.”Join My Program contains a range of delicious eating plans, advice on exercise and diet nutrition, plus “brilliant” diet motivation tips.

The Join My Program is for people who take weight loss pills or diet supplements and you are looking for a healthy diet. You may know that we are very sceptical of pills, potions, and powders that promise quick weight loss. Most of these products are nothing more than hype and charlatanism, where you lose nothing but your money.

We are however, very impressed with Dr. Perricone’s approach to lasting weight loss and in particular, his recommendation for the appropriate blend of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Lipovox contains these blood sugar-lowering and fat burning nutrients and when these are combined with the principles of “The Neuropsychology of Weight Control” can dramatically accelerate weight loss.

According to the research, the ingredients in Lipovox also have dramatic anti-aging properties (free radical scavengers) that replenish the skin, eradicates wrinkles (even acne) and increase libido. The downside is its $69 per bottle price.

Lipovox Negatives

You won’t find any of the best weight loss pills located in grocery stores and Lipovox is no exception. However, I have found Lipovox for sale at and eBay. This seems to be a concern for a lot of consumers – but greatly adding to the credibility of this diet pill, Lipovox is also carried by one of the largest online supplement retailers –

I wish the Lipovox company would provide supplement facts, but no supplement company really does (somebody could try to replicate their patented formula). Not a huge deal, but it could be helpful.

Lipovox Positives

Green Tea is an effective ingredient for weight loss and it is in there. Green Tea is one of the best weight loss supplements available and is used in the best selling diet pills available.

The other ingredients are certainly beneficial and, based upon the Lipovox testimonials and clinical studies, have been show to greatly improve skincare.

Lipovox offers a 100% money back and satisfaction guarantee, which is a massive benefit. Unlike a huge majority of supplements out there, does not try and rope you into an ‘autoship program’.

Lipovox Conclusion

Generally speaking, Lipovox is a great weight loss pill/nutritional well being supplement that could assist you to lose weight and support healthy skin. There are a lot of negative and positive customer testimonials available, but even the negative ones speak highly of the money back and satisfaction guarantee.

The positives speak of amazing weight loss results and a reduction of wrinkles and acne. Lipovox has been available for over five years and is carried by major online supplement retailers.

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