Oxy-Powder – Oxygen Based Colon Cleanser Review


The Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse product is a seven-day regimen that cleanses your insides with the use of more levels of oxygen. While it remains to be seen, this product is supposed to help with irritable bowel issues as well as many other challenges to overcome such as constipation, gas, and other digestive problems.

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What Is Oxy Powder?

Oxy-Powder is a colon cleansing and detoxifying diet supplement from the Global Healing Centre. It has remarkable qualities that restores a healthy digestive tract and colon, as well as optimizes your metabolism to take in more nutrients. This will renew vitality and stamina and help your immune system fight off infection and other common diseases.

Colon cleansing has proven to be the most cost-effective way to restore health and bring your weight down while minimizing the risks of the dreaded colon cancer, the most prevalent cancer second only to lung cancer in the country.

By ridding the body of harmful bacteria and toxins accumulated from years of unhealthy lifestyles, Oxy-Powder promotes regular bowel movement, controls bloating and belching, reduces unwanted weight, improves stamina and energy levels, eliminates fowl breath coming from your digestive tract, promotes better appetite and generally make you look better with clearer skin and shiny hair.

How Does The Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse Work?

Due to the special ingredients the Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse has, it is supposed to relieve constipation symptoms, bloating, and other digestive problems that relate to having a toxic colon.

There are five different ingredients that make up this product, each with its own unique ability to make the body healthier. Those are:

1. Ozonated magnesium oxides

Ozonated magnesium releases the oxygen into the blood and digestive area. This is the mineral that is used to control fight constipation.

2. Organic germanium

The organic germanium is actually number 132. This lowers both cholesterol and blood pressure levels to give you a healthy body.

3. Natural citric acid

The natural citric acid is the tool much like you would find in degreasers. In the body, however, it gives it the ability to get rid of all the toxins in your blood and colon.

4. Organic gum acacia

Organic gum acacia and the vegetarian capsules are also found inside of the Oxy Powder cleanse. The gum acacia keeps your appetite levels lower to help promote weight loss, while helping combat gas and bloating.

5. Vegetarian capsules

The vegetarian capsule allows for easy digestion as well as staying away from manufactured drug capsules that can give off several side effects.

Oxy-Powder Ingredients

Oxy-Powder has three active ingredients. This list may seem a little short compared to other products but it is because Oxy-Powder doesn’t have the fillers used to provide bulk in other formulations.

These ingredients are all-natural which are specifically chosen for their ability to cleanse the colon in a safe and non-toxic way.

Ozonated Magnesium Oxides: releases the nascent oxygen into the digestive tract and bloodstream to soften and liquefy waste matter over a over 12 to 18 hour period. It relaxes the muscles in the colon to assist with IBS systems and occasional constipation.

Organic Germanium-132: boosts the immune system and promotes the absorption of oxygen by the organs.

Natural Citric Acid: triggers the oxygenation process, removes toxins from the bloodstream and is a natural degreaser and water softener.

Results from Oxy-Powder

Oxy-Powder generates some of the most positive customer reviews and, unlike other products, is produced by a reputable company. It has been featured in a number of popular magazines including Style, Marie Claire, Bella, Time Out, London and Natural Health.

Oxy-Powder has high quality ingredients that are specially formulated to produce a unique oxygen-cleansing process in the digestive tract. This process cleans the digestive system by stimulating mucous production which slowly softens and liquefies the impacted matter.

This is in contrast to other products which rely on a chemical process that quickly and harshly breaks the waste down. Everyone’s results will differ depending on their age, lifestyle and diet and exercise habits. However, most customers will see 3 to 5 bowel movements in the first day. In the days that follow, as the toxic matter is released from the digestive tract, the frequency of bowel movements will reduce.

As the cleansing process takes place in the digestive tract, you should notice the bowel movements are more frequent, softer, smoother and healthier.

Once the built-up matter is removed, oxygen will be absorbed into the body through the colon, and small and large intestine. This assists the destruction of bacteria and in the cleansing of the body’s other organs.

Is Oxy-Powder Good?

Oxy-Powder is scientifically formulated from all natural ingredients that have high oxidative advantage over herbal extracts found in competing colon cleansers in the market. It uses only herbal Gum Acacia organics in addition to natural Citric Acid, organic Germanium-132, ozonated Magnesium Oxides.

Here’s what its users have to say about it.

By Michael M. “Mike M” (Lake Grove, NY): “This products works. I have tried others, and don’t get me wrong the others have worked. But Oxypowder has achieved better results. I normally take two capsules before going to bed. The next morning body is ready. I definitely think it is worth the hefty price.” By jbeemer: “I was afraid to start the oxy powder because I had never done a cleanse before, but it was just as the product stated. Take 4 capsules and 8 oz of water before bed. The next day it worked just as stated – (liquefied stools). After a few days I had to increase the dosage to get the same amount of “movements” a day.

After I finished my cleanse, I continued to be regular. Make sure you get up early so you have enough time to take care of business- you get warning but not too much. I will use to keep regular- I would recommend to people with regularity issues.” By Evangelina Corro “Arlene” (Corona, California USA): “I gave it to my husband for 6 days and from the first day, it worked good for him. He saw black stool his first day (next morning). He said he was pretty shocked on how much stool was coming out of him when he thought he was a pretty regular guy.

He was definitely going a lot more than usual. He even felt his pants a little looser around the waist and his eating habits were the same.”

Is Oxy-Powder Safe?

Oxy-Powder, with its natural formulation, has no reported side effects. Oxy-Powder is an oxygen-based formulation that comes from minerals and not from plant by products, diminishing the risk of contamination from harmful chemicals absorbed by plants from the environment.

But it’s best for pregnant women, lactating or nursing mothers, people with acute or chronic health conditions like diabetes or high bleed, and those with known allergies to chemical compounds, both natural and artificial as well as those taking in prescribed medication, to stay clear of Oxy-Powder until they get clearance from their doctors or pharmacist.

Oxy-Powder products should not be misconstrued as medical diagnosis or treatment of ailments. You should always consult with your doctor if you suffer any of the ailments listed on the company website.

Side Effects / Negatives of Oxy Powder

The positives are evident. After extensive research, we’ve found that individuals have experienced positive results to the body while others have considered it a waste of money.

Some of the reported side effects include:

  • Temporary Cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rashes
  • One of the recurring complaints that we’ve read with Oxy Powder is that it can cause diarrhoea and watery loose stools.

You might also experience the urge to fart due to the oxygenation process that removes the gas from your body while doing this colon cleanse. At some extent, dehydration may occur as well.

This may be associated to any liquid taken during the 7-day process. Fluids such as milk, tea or coffee are known to trigger dehydration in patients using Oxy Powder.

Where To Buy Oxy-Powder?

Oxy-Powder can be bought online. Just visit their website to know more about it and to visit its e-commerce page where you can place your orders online. You can also order by phone from its 1-800 numbers available 24×7. All major credit cards are honoured online.

A single bottle containing 120 vegetarian capsules should be good for one month’s supply for one person. The site offers a complete Oxy-Powder Advanced Cleansing kit that consists of 2 bottles of Paratrex Livatrex, Latero Flora and Oxy-Powder.

There’s a 90-day money back guarantee. Just fill out its RMS form online and send the remains of your Oxy-Powder bottle including unopened bottles and you get refunded and minus the shipping charges.

Oxy Powder – Conclusion

Overall, we do believe this colon cleanse works, but only to a certain extent. It’s one of the only oxygen based colon cleansers on the market, but we feel that there are better options that work more efficiently without the undesirable side effects that are caused by Oxy-Powder.

The cost of the oxy powder cleanser is a little over-priced in our opinion, and other alternatives should be considered before taking that colon cleanser.

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