P90X is a high intensity workout plan designed and engineered by fitness expert, Tony Horton. Horton has devised a DVD exercise series with instruction on how to achieve peak fitness at home. In the DVD series he presents visual demonstrations of the fitness routines that are necessary to accomplish this goal.

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P90X Reviews (The Ultimate Fat Burning Program)

The P90X workout program includes: 11 workout routines on DVD and a 12th DVD that’s dedicated to building core strength with killer exercises, it’s entitled, “Ab Ripper X.”

The P90X reviews will allow you to learn about this “life-changing” program before deciding to purchase it. The exercises are broken down into short interval training periods designed to kick start the muscle building, fat burning process.

Included with the workout program are a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan, a Fitness Guide, a P90X calendar and a worksheet to track fitness progress. Horton also has a dedicated support line, which is free with purchase and is available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. He includes everything that’s needed to achieve optimum results in just 90 days.

The nutrition plan is divided into three systematic phases. The first phase is designed to rid the body of excess layers of fat. This is accomplished through high protein intake, the second phase uses the proteins blended with the right amount of carbohydrates to increase energy levels and the last phase requires dietary changes to reduce fat intake, fat intake replaced with lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.

The nutrition plan enables participants to live a healthier lifestyle due to increased resting metabolic rates which enhances muscle fat oxidation and improves the body’s tolerance of glucose.

It’s the sequence of intense fitness routines and sound nutrition that allows anyone who follows Tony Horton’s program to transform their body in three short months. The program doesn’t require a professional trainer, a gym membership or special workout equipment.

All that’s needed is a dedicated workout space, resistance bands, a pull-up bar and a set of dumbbells. For people who have tried other workout programs, only to see average results, this program is for you.

The Tony Horton P90X workout program combines interval training, anaerobic fitness and cardiovascular exercises. This combination allows for acceleration in the fat burning process and the body is then able to build lean muscle as a result of constant muscle stimulation.

Stimulating or shocking the muscles during intense workouts, also increases fitness capacity. The body doesn’t enter a plateau phase due to the 12 cycles of interval training.

Read the P90X reviews and you will see that this program delivers fantastic results for “every” body type. There aren’t any false promises or a whole lot of hype presented in this DVD series. Horton delivers fitness instructions and nutrition information in a straightforward manner.

A lot of people purchase Tony Horton’s fitness workout after unsuccessfully trying other programs only to become the victims of plateau burnout.

Plateau burnout refers to the phase of training when the body simply stops responding to an exercise system. In order to avoid experiencing this burnout phase, Tony uses his fitness expertise to design creative routines. His creative routines help improve overall muscle strength and endurance levels. Thus the body does not level out because of the intense of stimulation to each core muscle group.

Tony Horton’s workout program achieves real results because the body doesn’t have time to adapt to the same exercises every day. The 90 days of intense workouts are divided into sequential sessions that include both Plyometrics and Yoga.

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