There are so many weight loss supplements that have been proven by science can really help people lose weight working as appetite suppressants and fat burners at the same time.

One of such dietary supplements is Phenphedrine. This article is meant to really investigate the effectiveness of this weight loss pill as widely claimed.

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How It Works

There are two major chemicals in the human brain, the NPY and the CRT. These are the two major chemicals that control our desire for food. Phenphedrine actually works on both chemicals – it suppresses the NPY and stimulates CART.

When the amount of NPY in the brain is higher than the CART, you will be forced to want to eat more foods which won’t help in the battle to lose weight. Your body easily burns up more fats and suppresses your desire for food whenever the CART in the brain is stimulated.

List Of Ingredients

Several ingredients have been used in making Phenphedrine and they include: HOPS -100mg, Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate – 250mg, Chocamine -50mg, Ginger 20% gingerols – 50mg, Yohimbine – 3mg, Razberri-K – 50mg, Evodiamine 98% – 15mg, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine – 15mg, Sclareolide 98% – 15mg and Phenylethylamine – 20mg.

Features Of The Product

Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate: This is not the regular caffeine as it has been combined with malic acid that helps in stimulating the burning of fats. It also helps in improving your mental focus and prevents the jitters and crash a lot of dieters often experience with several stimulants.

Chocamine: This is another ingredient that has been extracted from the Columbian Cocoa plants.

It’s actually a proprietary extract of that plant which contains so many antioxidants and stimulants that are also quite stimulating in nature. It also includes tryptophan, a chemical that actually inhibits the brain’s NPY chemicals.

HOPS: This is an alkaloid that has been extracted from a HOPS plant that could also produce a mild stimulating effect. It actually helps your body relax as it has been proven to have stress and pain relieving properties.

Razberri-K: It’s a raspberry ketone that has been proven by weight loss studies can help dieters burn fats easily and actually boosts weight loss by as much as 2% compared to the controlling group.

Phenylethylamine: Also known as PEA, this is a chemical – more like an amphetamine chemical which is a chocolate extract. Often regarded as a “love drug” because it also tends to trigger the same sort of aphrodisiac response most people who eat chocolate tend to feel.

Ginger 20% gingerols: It helps in lowering the cholesterol and might also help in treating gallbladder conditions.

Sclareolide 98%: this is one of the thermogenic ingredients that usually help burn fats.

Evodiamine 98%: another thermogenic ingredient used in making this pill that helps in burning up fats.

1.3 Dimethylamine: a weight loss ingredient that also acts like an adrenaline and stimulant in the body burns up fats and suppresses your desire for food while trying to increase your physical performances at the same time.

Yohimbine: helps in building the body’s muscles while reducing the fats at the same time.

Benefits of Phenphedrine

This product has several ingredients that help burn fats.

Disadvantages Of Using Phenphedrine

No testimonials available on the official sites from previous users of the product.

The product has no form of refund policy.

For a weight loss product that has been priced at $70 per monthly supply, Phenphedrine appears to be very expensive for a lot of people.

It actually contains stimulating ingredients which might have been too sensitive for some prospective dieters. It’s recommended that people take these pills very early in the morning to prevent this from happening.

Does it Contain Ephedra?

Ever since the FDA banned Ephedra from diet pills, many consumers are understandably concerned about the use of this ingredient.

Despite the fact that Phenphedrine has the word “ephedrine” in the name, it does not contain the actual herb. As you can see from the supplement facts, Phenpherine only offers all-natural and clinically proven ingredients for weight loss that will not put your body at risk.

Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Phenphedrine is powerful enough to help a select few dieters slim down without the need to make any changes in diet or exercise. However, for best results, you’ll want to follow a healthy eating program and exercise routine. This ensures that you lose weight and keep it off long after you stop using Phenphedrine.

What About Side Effects?

Phenphedrine has amazing ingredients for weight loss, and many of which are clinically proven to be safe for regular use. However, that doesn’t mean that this product is 100% side effect free.

A few consumers did experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, or insomnia while taking this product, but for the most part these symptoms were mild and faded within a few days.

To keep the side effects to a minimum, it’s best that you start off with 1 or 2 capsules a day, and then work your way up to the full amount.

How To Take Phenphedrine

Phenphedrine should be taken immediately upon waking up, and then 30 minutes before lunch, as well as 30 minutes before exercise for a maximum amount of 3 capsules per day.

Additionally, you’ll want to stay hydrated while taking this supplement, so be sure to drink at least one cup with each serving and aim for 8-10 (or more) glasses of water per day.

Final Thoughts

This weight loss supplement has a very close resemblance with two of the major illegal street drugs which have been branded illegal because they are quite harmful to human health. Though we can’t really say if this supplement can provide some of the good things we find in the illegal drugs without ever instigating the bad things, we wouldn’t like to recommend this supplement.

I hereby recommend that you find a good weight loss supplement that has been certified to be safe for use and back it up with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise regimen.

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