Pyruvex is the highest potency and highest purity pyruvate supplement available. It contains the highest quality pharmaceutical grade calcium pyruvate monohydrate available today. Pyruvate was shown to increase overall weight loss in dieters by 37%, and increase overall fat loss by 48%.

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Pyruvate was also shown to be effective in fighting fat and weight replacement that is experienced after a period of calorie restriction is followed by excess caloric consumption. Two potential mechanisms by which pyruvate enhance fat and weight loss are through increasing metabolism and fat utilization.

In addition to helping you lose fat, the research also shows that Pyruvex actually lowers your calorie-to-fat conversion by an astonishing 35%. That means more of the calories you eat can be used to gain muscle!

Studies also show that Pyruvex’s fat fighting ingredients increase lean muscle mass by up to 21% and boost endurance by 20%. When added to your workouts, Pyruvex is a safe and effective way to accomplish all your training goals, from losing fat to gaining strength and lean muscle.

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