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SHRED HER REVIEW : Natural Fat Burner

Shred Her is a natural fat burner scientifically forumlated for females to promote fat loss. Provides powerful energy without the jitters and promoted appetite control. Shred Her will help you crank up the intensity to a new level, bringing you one step closer to achieving the physique of your dreams that you’ve worked so hard for.

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NLA Shred Her Max (30 Servings) - Thermogenic for Women - Weight Management & Fat Loss - Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine, CLA, Konjac Root, Green Tea Extract, l-Carnitine - Natural Fat Burner
  • 💪🏼 SHRED HER MAX is our ultra-potent, pro-level, thermogenic fat burner scientifically formulated natural fat burner containing 30 servings of 2 veggie capsules. Each serving contains 200mg of caffeine, 40 mg of Green Tea Extract, 166.5mg of our Fat Incinerating Blend, 76mg of our Advanced Mood Enhancing Blend, 16.25mg of Appitite Suppressants, and 5mg of advanced Nutrient Absorption.
  • 💪🏼 BURN BODY FAT & MAINTAIN MUSCLE- Shred Her saids in sheding that unwanted body fat and promote fat loss/weight management - specifically for woman! This Innovative Thermogenic complex that will help promote the loss of fat if supplemented with a healthy diet.
  • 💪🏼 ENERGY BOOSTER & APPETITE SUPPRESSANT - Shred Her helps you not only conquer, but crush your workouts with jitter-free energy, improved mood, and enhanced focus. Shred Her is the best natural appetite suppressant that truly works to keep your food cravings in check.
  • 💪🏼 SCIENTIFICALLY-FORMULATED FAT BURNER - Each capsule contains a synergistic formula that helps to burn fat, increase energy, preserve lean muscle, suppress appetite, and improve your mood. Maximize your fat loss and see results fast.
  • 💪🏼 THE NLA DIFFERENCE: NLA for Her is the pioneer of women’s sports supplements! It’s our mission to provide women of all fitness levels with the highest quality, best tasting, effective sports supplements on the market!
Recommendation No. 2
NLA for Her- Her Nighttime Burn Fat Burner for Women (60 Veggie Capsules) - Aids in Natural Sleep, Relaxation, and Stress Relief - Melatonin, CLA, Ashwagandha, 5 HTP, Chamomile
  • 💪🏼 HER NIGHTIME BURN is formulated with Melatonin, Ashwaganada, CLA, 5-HTP and more potent fat burning ingredients designed to help you feel your best!
  • 💪🏼 FAT BURNER: Her Nighttime Burn is our innovative fat burner. Our concentrated blend of ingredients works to promote a deeper, more fulfilling sleep, boosting serotonin levels, while promoting fat loss simultaneously.
  • 💪🏼 RELAXATION: Her Nighttime Burn contains NO stimulants and our potent fat burning blend attacks stored fat while you enjoy restful sleep. Her Nighttime Burn helps you to relax, relieves stress, replenishes serotonin levels, while supporting healthy cortisol levels. Her Nighttime Burn will leave you refreshed without that drowsy feeling in the morning, ready to take on the day!
  • 💪🏼 ADVANCED FORMULA: Her Nighttime Burn contains three advanced ingredient matrices loaded with potent ingredients to help you burn fat, sleep better, and wake up more refreshed. Learn more about the potent ingredients that make up Her Nighttime Burn in the description box!
  • 💪🏼THE NLA DIFFERENCE: NLA for Her is the pioneer of women’s sports supplements! It’s our mission to provide women of all fitness levels with the highest quality, best tasting, effective sports supplements on the market! The NLA for Her team leaves no rock unturned in an effort to be on the forefront of the female fitness boom!
Recommendation No. 3
The Bodybuilder's Kitchen: 100 Muscle-Building, Fat Burning Recipes, with Meal Plans to Chisel Your Physique
  • Stern, Erin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages - 04/10/2018 (Publication Date) - Alpha (Publisher)

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Shred Her is so effective in burning fats due to our innovative, natural, ultra concentrated blend of the following top-of-the-line ingredients:

Green Tea Extract:

A powerful antioxidant that contributes to increased weight loss, helps prevent free radical oxidation, and helps slow the aging process of cells.


The most common stimulant and thermogenic. Caffeine helps increase energy, lift mood, increases thermogenesis (your body generates heat and energy) and may increase fat burning when taken pre-workout.

Citrus Aurantium Extract:

The most notable benefits of Citrus Aurantium extract are its ability to increase resting metabolic rate, resulting in weight loss. It also exhibits a powerful thermogenic effects, generating heat and energy in your body.

Ursolic Acid:

One of the newest and most effective ingredients that helps reduce fat storage and increases fat burning, reduces the conversion of blood sugar to fat, increases energy reserves in muscles, and contributes to increased lean muscle mass.

Raspberry Ketones:

Causes the fat within your cells to get broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster when paired with regular exercise. Raspberry Ketones also helps regulate adiponectin, a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism.

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