VPX Meltdown

VPX Meltdown is “117% to 273% more potent than caffeine and ephedrine”, according to the official site. With so much power behind it, VPX Meltdown looks to me like the ideal fat burner for people who want extreme energy and fat burning.

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VPX Meltdown – Can VPX Meltdown Burn Fat Fast?

First and foremost, I want to know if VPX Meltdown will actually burn fat. Second, will VPX Meltdown be safe if it really is backed by so much power?

The Makers Of VPX Meltdown

VPX is a well-known name; mostly for workout supplements, but they also have several fat burners. As far as I could tell, these fat burners all produce the same results: higher energy and faster fat burn. But they have different delivery methods; for example, some products are pills, others are shakes.

VPX’s stated goal is to produce the “highest-grade, university proven sports nutrition supplement and beverages in the world”. Since the company was found in 1993, they’ve funding more than 15 studies.

What Ingredients Does VPX Meltdown Use?

As I expected, VPX Meltdown is loaded with stimulants. It doesn’t use ephedrine because this ingredient is only available in prescription products, but it does have caffeine and several other potent stimulants.

All the ingredients in VPX Meltdown come in blends, unfortunately, so I couldn’t see what the individual amounts are (except for caffeine and synephrine):

Fat Catabolizor & B-2 Potentiator (375 mg) – This blend has toothed clubmoss, yerba mate, and 275 mg of caffeine.

Lipolytic Trigger – This blend has 3;-5;-CAMP, but I’m not sure what the blend total is because it’s not shown at all.

Synephrine HCL (20 mg)Iphoric Potent Methyl B-PEA Matrix (138 mg) – This blend has two different types of phenylethylamine or PEA.

NorEphiphex Complex (9 mg) – There are three different types of yohimbine in this blend.

NorEphiphex M-MAOxidozor-I (20 mg) – Barley is the only ingredient found here.

What Does VPX Meltdown Do?

Every ingredient, except maybe the last one, is a stimulant. These stimulants are usually used in fat burners because they’re supposed to activate your brain, central nervous system, or hormones in a way that causes your body to breakdown and burn fat faster.

Most of the ingredients are clinically proven (I was able to find the studies) to be effective for fat burning and increasing energy.

Although I can’t see what the individual amounts are, I can assure you–knowing what I know about these ingredients and from what doses I can see–VPX Meltdown has powerful doses.

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