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What To Expect From A Home Colon Cleanse?

What To Expect From A Home Colon Cleanse

A home colon cleanse is a colon cleanse that you do at home. In a lot of ways, it’s a relief to know that you can do a colon cleanse at home! Who wants to be increasing the frequency of bowel movements when out at a party, at a business banquet, or at a doctor’s office? A home colon cleanses offers privacy to you.

When you start a colon cleanse, you can expect that there will be an adjustment time period. During this time, the colon cleanse herbs you are consuming or colon cleansing foods you are eating will be working in the intestinal tract, trying to restore the function of the colon. Initially, this can cause a little stomach upset or bloating.

You must understand that if you get extra bloating and gas after starting a home colon cleanse, this happens because your colon is not used to healthy substances. It’s used to a status quo … of not working as it should. It gives you a little pushback, or in some cases, a lot of pushback. The intestinal bacteria that are living there are partly responsible for this pushback of bloating and gas.

Sometimes, a home colon cleanse can make you have seven or eight bowel movements in one day. When this happens, you know it is working because it’s creating the desire to evacuate waste matter from your body. A home colon cleanse should help you get regular.

What is Normal Colon Function?

But what is regular? Does it mean one bowel movement at the same time each day? Does it mean one bowel movement per week? Does it mean one bowel movement after each meal? The latter one is correct – regular means one bowel movement after each meal.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have only one bowel movement in a week? This is possible. And I heard about someone – a lady lawyer who only had one bowel movement per MONTH! Imagine how uncomfortable she must have felt for the rest of the 29 days of the month!

The truth is that the longer you keep the poop in your bowel, the meaner you will get. Remove it and you’ll be as peaceful as a pussycat. You’ll have to take my word for that until you actually get started on your first home colon cleanse.

Benefits Extend into Many Aspects of Your Life

  • The benefits of a home colon cleanse are:
  • Helps remove gas and bloating
  • Restores regularity
  • Can reduce headaches
  • Can reduce skin breakouts
  • Can calm down diarrhoea
  • Can eliminate constipation
  • Reduces smell of the stool
  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease sluggishness
  • Increase concentration
  • Decrease body odour
  • Increase the feeling that life is good
  • Eyes look more radiant
  • Emotions are more even-keeled

What was that – a home colon cleanse can increase the feeling that life is good, you may ask. And it can increase my energy levels? Yes, you read it right. By removing wastes from the body, you will be amazed at the great little miracles that start showing up in your life. So stop waiting for an angel to come down from heaven to tell you to cleanse your colon!

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