Xenical (orlistat) is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor for obesity management that acts by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats.

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Xenical Review

There are a lot of weight loss drugs or diet supplements that are actually meant to be administered or recommended by physicians and healthcare professionals before you can use them. One of such products is Xenical – a weight loss drug produced by Roche. It’s meant to be administered to people who are grossly overweight or abnormally obese and are battling hard to lose weight or keep it down.

It’s meant for obese people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over thirty and many others who have chronic conditions like diabetes, severe heart problems and high blood pressures in addition to their weight problems.

It actually works by blocking about 30% of the fats hidden within ingested foods. When you take Xenical the body would not be able to absorb these fats from food and these excess fats are removed from the body as waste in form of bowel movements. There are several medical reports and research that shows how this weight loss diet product works.

Features Of Xenical

This is a product that has to be prescribed to a user by a medically certified physician or health professional which makes such persons to have confidence that the pill will most likely work.

There are some side effects that result from using this pill. They include abdominal pains which might be combined with trapped wind and flatulence, diarrhoea, low blood sugar levels, anxiety and headaches.

This weight loss diet pill is not just for anyone who is overweight or obese. You have to be above certain weights to get a prescription from a doctor for this.

There are dire consequences that might arise if you are using this product when you aren’t obese or overweight. This product might prevent your body from absorbing certain vital nutrients if you take them when you are not obese or overweight.

It’s advised that users take a multivitamin capsule daily while using this diet pill. Don’t just go out there to get Xenical pills, you need to get them using the right channels for your health sake.

It’s a matter of necessity that you consult a physician before trying to use this product.

Advantages Of Using Xenical:

  • It has been medically studied and certified and seems capable of producing the much needed results.
  • This weight loss pill can help grossly overweight or obese people lose weight more quickly once it’s used.


  • You need a medical prescription to use Xenical
  • The product is only meant for people who are severely obese or overweight.
  • Side effects that can result from using this product also include diarrhoea as it blocks the body’s ability to absorb fats.


This product is a weight loss diet pill that is not meant for a casual dieter. It’s meant for those who are abnormally overweight or obese and those that might be suffering greatly from weight induced or related problems.

If you belong to this class of people, you really need to consult a physician who would then administer or recommend this product to you. And if you are a casual dieter, don’t use this product; just look out for a weight loss product that contains an effective thermogenic compound which can help you lose weight easily on a daily basis.

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