Xtreme Fat Loss

The unique food plan in the Xtreme Fat Loss diet is based around a 5 x 5 cycle, rotating five specific eating and exercise programs five times for a total of 25 days.

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When many people hear the word “diet” they think… “Oh, not ANOTHER diet!” Why? As the majority of individuals who have tried going on a diet the past have failed to lose weight. So, precisely why should this particular new diet plan be any different?

Well, there are a number of good reasons. The first is that this is not some plan slapped together with some haphazard menu plans. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is scientifically based and utilizes the body’s hormone systems to get weight loss accomplishment. You see, the reason so many diets fail is that they don’t take into account more than basic mathematics.

A lot of people have confidence in the straightforward calorie in = calorie out idea. Which is, if you take in less calories than the body uses you are going to lose weight, and if you’re taking in more calories than the body utilizes then you’ll get fatter.

Easy, isn’t it right? Even so, the majority of programs do not take into consideration the alterations in metabolism that calorie decrease causes or the reason why your body’s metabolic rate adjusts.

With the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet the role of hormones and metabolism change is taken into consideration. As soon as you realize how hormones function, and just how they literally help the body retain the fat, you will be able to better realize how to operate using them to burn the fat.

Naturally, those who have a significant amount of weight to lose will need to undertake the 25 day program more than once (although it is recommended that they have a couple weeks off prior to resuming this program).

The cycle is composed of the cheat day, the shake day, the fast day, the moderate carb day, and the high protein day. Each day has an exercise routine designed to compliment it, so that the body is primed each and every day for maximal fat burning.

Of course, in order for the diet to work, users actually have to work the diet. The reason the diet changes is because it’s designed to keep the hormone leptin as high as possible. Now, if your system has plenty of leptin, it uses up fat. Any time leptin declines, fat reducing decreases.

The thing is that your system has elevated levels of leptin only when there’s been plenty of food consumption! The moment food intake decreases, so does leptin.

On the other hand, for any person to shed pounds they must eat fewer calories than they burn up. Luckily, the good news is that it will only take 1 day of high calorie consumption for leptin to zip up again, and that’s why this diet features a cheat day, where one can enjoy pizza and ice cream and all those additional snacks!

Every other day is explained scientifically as well, so that even the average reader can understand the exact effect of the food they’re eating and the exercise they do.

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